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A Photographer Captures The Ghosts Of The Soviet Union

Photographer Rebecca Litchfield documents the mysterious and abandoned locations of the former Communist state.

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In December of 1991, after nearly 70 years in power, the Soviet Union dissolved into fifteen separate countries and a memory in history.

In her new book, "Soviet Ghosts", photographer Rebecca Litchfield travels across Europe to capture the eerie and dilapidated remains of the former Soviet Union.

To make her photographs, Rebecca traveled to thirteen different countries that were once all part of the former Communist state.

Visiting forgotten towns, factories, prisons, schools, monuments, hospitals, theaters, military complexes, asylums and death camps.

Many of the locations remain unseen to the public, who pass by their boarded windows and fenced walls without ever seeing the worlds within.

As a result, the locations are slowly being re-claimed by nature.

Rebecca's artworks breathe life into many of these forgotten historical locations.

And reawaken old narratives to find beauty in their post-apocalyptic decay.

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