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11 Bizarre Photos Show Who's Under The Costumes At Tourist Spots

"There’s another Superman on the Boulevard and they've been stuck in a turf war."

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Photographer Ken Hermann was on assignment in Los Angeles when he first noticed the costumed characters on Hollywood Boulevard who take pictures with tourists for tips. His new photo series "Behind the Mask" shows us who's really under the costume.

Ken writes, "While in Los Angeles, I stayed at a hotel close to the Hollywood Boulevard. Walking down the Boulevard every day I became fascinated with the street artists who work as impersonators dressing up as Hollywood icons and pose with tourists for tips. I became curious about who these street artists who spend so much time and effort imitating someone else really are, and my idea for the series 'Behind the Mask' came to life."


"Victor is a full-time electrician and just does this for fun about two times a week. It all started with him and his son making these kinds of costumes for a school competition, and he just got really into it."

"Since arriving from Spain, this guy has had quite a lot of problems — there’s another Superman on the Boulevard and they've been been stuck in a turf war."


"Captain Boulevard is a homemade superhero character who told us that him and his friend Solar Flare (another homemade super hero) was living on the street."


"Rashade is one of several Spiderman who works on the Boulevard, but the only black Spider-Man on a skateboard."


"Tobias is a grand old man — he was one of the first characters on the Boulevard and has his own corner. He’s been acting there for 15 years and is well respected by the others."

"April goes by ‘Black Marilyn of Hollywood Boulevard.’ She only does this part time; she’s a full-time producer."


"I chose her because I wanted some of the classic characters. The funny thing is that Milagro didn’t remove the head until before the actual pictures were taken...which took me by surprise."

"Jason was already acting in Australia and moved to L.A. when he won the green card lottery. He now has a full-time job as an impersonator, where he plays different characters — like the Mad Hatter."


"At 21, Jabari is the youngest of all the characters and is a full-time student."