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29 Pictures That Show Just How Insane Studio 54 Really Was

A look back at the epicenter of NYC nightlife, presented by Getty Images.

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Left: A man dressed in nothing but a clear plastic sheet dances with a topless woman at a Studio 54 Halloween party in 1978. Right: A pair of women get funky on the dance floor during November 1977.

Left: A topless woman in a peacock feather headdress dances at Studio 54's Halloween party in 1977. Right: Clubgoers inhale nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) on the dance floor during the 1977 Halloween party.

Left: Outside Studio 54, someone arrives to the club on a horse for the third annual Halloween party in 1978. Right: A costumed partygoer hits the dance floor in 1981.

Left: A clubgoer dressed as Jesus carries a large cross onto the dance floor in 1977. Right: During a Purple magazine party in 1978, a topless woman rides onto the dance floor on a white horse.

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Studio 54 co-owner Steve Rubell stands in his office, which he claimed was ransacked by federal agents looking for drugs, in 1978. The agents entered the office seeking links to organized crime and arrested his partner Ian Schrager after reportedly finding cocaine among some papers he was carrying. Schrager was released on $50,000 bond and the disco was open the next night.

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