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20 Pictures That Show Just How Awesome Arcades Used To Be

Grab your quarters — we're going to the arcade!

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BBC Radio 1 presenter Dave Lee Travis helps Mandy Strong carry a Space Invaders arcade machine at Saint George's Hotel in London, Nov. 30, 1979 (left). Girls at an arcade in Brighton, England, in 1985.

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Bob Geldof of the rock 'n' roll band Boomtown Rats playing a Tron arcade game in October 1982 in Detroit (left). A Space Invaders arcade game, 1980.

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A new, foot-operated video game is demonstrated by model Linda Petersen at the Amusement and Music Operator's Association's 1985 Expo in Chicago. Musician John Mellencamp with a Q-Bert arcade game in Jan. 1983 in Detroit.

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Ten-year-old Carlos Tunneman prepares for battle with the video game Contra, on July 22, 1987, in Miami, Florida (left). People play video games at a New York arcade, Dec. 20, 1981.


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