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21 Photographs Of Vintage Couples Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart


1. This uniformed couple who is the absolute definition of true love:

2. And that same couple years later:

3. This affectionate pair relaxing in their garden, circa 1890:

4. And the couple in this photograph from 1910 that was rescued from someone's attic:

5. These beach babes in the 1940s:

6. And this glowing couple in the 1970s:

7. This dapper duo looking suave in their top hats:

8. And these two being all cute in a photo booth:

9. Then there's this couple holding hands and standing up for what's right:

10. These two, longingly looking into each other's eyes on their wedding day:

11. And these dreamy wedding portraits taken in the early 20th Century:

12. There's this adorable couple sleeping peacefully in each other's arms:

13. And these two, lounging around in the summer heat, circa 1961:

14. And this couple enjoying a sunny beach day in Summer 1952:

15. Some friendly sportsmanship before the game:

16. And a little "dress up" in 1916:

17. This couple making the best out of a tough situation in 1943:

18. And this couple celebrating an early victory for justice:

19. Cora Latz and Etta Perkins celebrated their special day in 1973:

20. Little did they know...

21. ... they would go on to share 26 beautiful years together: