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9 Photo Stories That You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the web.

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1. "15 Gut-Wrenching Pictures From the Front Lines of the Charlotte Protests" — BuzzFeed News

Getty Images

"On Tuesday evening in Charlotte, North Carolina, we witnessed America at both its best and its worst. A gathering of individuals exercising their right to free speech and motivated by the pursuit of liberty, suddenly overshadowed by the senseless loss of life. BuzzFeed News has gathered several of the most poignant photos from that evening in this one powerful essay." —Gabriel H. Sanchez, photo essay editor, BuzzFeed News

2. "Challenging Society's Warped Perception of What It Means to Be Beautiful" — i-D

Alexi Lubomirski

"If there is one thing you can take from Alexi Lubomirski’s new photo book, Diverse Beauty, it’s that beauty cannot be pinned down as a concrete set of standards — beauty is fluid and present in every individual. In this interview, i-D speaks with Lubomirski on why it’s important for fashion photographers to challenge dated and toxic views of what beauty is in the industry." —GHS

3. "50 Pictures That Will Make You Realize How Small You Really Are" — BuzzFeed

Rune Engebø, Astronomy Centre, Royal Observatory Greenwich

"It’s the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016, that time when all our jaws drop at the stunning and mind-blowing space photography. This competition is an annual healthy reminder that we are tiny organisms living on a piece of rock spinning in nothingness surrounding by a vast collection of matter and energy. One of my favorites is “Sun Flower Corona,” showing an incredible eclipse of the sun. There are plenty of excellent images to enjoy!" —Matt Tucker, picture editor, BuzzFeed UK

4. "Growing Up in the Magical Woods of South Carolina" — Feature Shoot

Jen Ervin

"I may be biased, as I grew up in South Carolina, so I know these images really capture the essence of finding joy in nature and simple pleasures. Where even your backyard can be a wilderness to explore if you want it to be. I miss being able to travel five minutes and hike through some woods to a rope swing and jump in the river. There's something magical about the outdoors in the South, especially in your younger years, and this series captures it very well." —Sarah Kobos, photo editor, BuzzFeed


5. "Meet the Genius Street Photographer You’ve Never Heard Of" — Time

Charalampos Kydonakis

"This photo series makes you believe in magical realism as something more than a construct. The images resurrect the sense of wonder by intersecting the mundane with the absurd. I can’t praise it enough, you have to just look." —Kate Bubacz, senior photo editor, BuzzFeed News

6. "The Women of Atenco" — The New York Times

Daniel Berehulak

"Daniel Berehulak’s powerful work in the New York Times is wisely shown as a stand-alone piece, allowing the portraits of these women to speak for themselves. The range of affect that this traumatic event has had on these women is itself startling, but each portrait gives the subject dignity, respect, and power." —KB

7. "25 Incredible Pictures That Will Change Your View of History" — BuzzFeed

Apic / Getty Images

"What a treasure trove of historical moments! I absolutely love photos from the past that dissolve the passing years and make you realize that the generations before us weren’t so very different to us. The photo of the dining hall on the Titanic makes you think you can still smell the fresh paint... The silhouette of the Hiroshima victim scorched into the earth is harrowing, photography bringing these seemingly distant events to a more present reality." —MT

8. "16 Photos That Show What It Means to Be a Colombian Rebel Today" — BuzzFeed News

Malcolm Linton

"It is hard to keep in perspective the long and complicated history of war in Colombia (or anywhere, really). Part of the appeal of Malcolm Linton’s work is that these photos feel as much like they could have been taken in 1976 as 2016, showing both the deep roots and legacy of the group and the degree of difficulty that it will take to fully dismantle FARC in the area." —KB

9. "Inside a Real-Life Fairy Tale Forest" — National Geographic

Ellie Davies

"Ellie Davies’ pictures tap our deep-rooted, mystical fascination with Mother Nature. In a series of stunning photographs, she captures that childlike wonder of exploring the tall grasses and wooded areas of our youth. Here, National Geographic speaks with the artist on her work and motivations." —GHS