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23 Magical Pictures From The Golden Years Of Disney

A look back at the origins of the Walt Disney Company, presented by Getty Images.

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Getty Images

At Walt Disney Studios in California, an unidentified animator (left) makes faces in a mirror, which he uses as raw material for his character's expressions, 1946. American singer and actor Cliff Edwards (right), with a bowler on his head and a cigar in his mouth, records the voice for the character of Timothy Mouse in the Walt Disney animated film Dumbo, 1946.

Hart Preston / Getty Images

Disney artist and animator Mary Blair and her husband, fellow artist Lee Blair, sit outdoors and draw sketches of flora in South America while on a trip to scout for locations in Brazil, 1941.

Gene Lester / Getty Images

Walt Disney (far right) listens to an unidentified animator talk through the storyboards for the film Sleeping Beauty, circa 1955. Beside them, animator Les Clark plays a record.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

Having put his paw print on the dotted line, Bobby, a Skye terrier from the north of Scotland, is signed to a Hollywood contract by Walt Disney in 1960, one in a long line of animal actors Disney groomed for stardom.