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    17 Knockoff Game Systems That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

    Seems legit.

    1. This Game Child.

    Only one button: FIRE.

    2. These Game Boy "must haves."

    3. The Segendo Game Boy Gear.

    So wrong that it's right.

    4. This super early Wii prototype.

    Seems legit.

    5. The "Original" POWER PLAYER.

    Flickr: justintron

    Complete with 9mm handgun for taking on Sith Lords. Ages 3 and up.

    6. The X-Game 360.

    7. The handheld SupaBoy.

    Admit it — you want this.

    8. The Hamy WiWi.

    Remember when all you wanted for Christmas was some WiWi?

    9. PCP.

    It's super addictive!

    10. PolyStation: The Poly Machine.


    11. The XBOX Mini.

    Totally like the original — only smaller!

    12. Treamcast.

    Sure. Why not.

    13. Super Megason IV.

    With extra cartridge!

    14. WiNi Sports.

    Some of us are just more WiNi than Hamy WiWi...

    15. This PlayStation 4.

    The future is awesome!

    16. The PikáBoy 2.

    "to have a Good time for family!"

    17. Advance Felony Boy.

    Maybe don't bring this one out in public....

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