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8 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the web.

1. "Love Your Body" — Now Toronto

2. "Conflicts of interest" — Australian Broadcasting Commission

We’ve seen so many pieces that feature the sex industry in various corners of the world, but what Bénédicte Desrus presents here is an aspect of the industry that’s rarely discussed. The photographer’s curiosity into the lives of former sex workers is quite evident in her work. What I find particularly fascinating is the ease of which these women let her into their lives — from taking showers to the grieving of a dying housemate. These are the signs of trust that come with the many years that Desrus has spent at the shelter.


4. "Hong Kong Shop Cats" — The Guardian

On the heels of a nationwide conversation on immigration, photographer Devyn Galindo shares her thoughts behind her incredible new photo book, We Are Still Here, which captures the vibrant energy of Chicanx youth in East LA. Through the expressive grain of analog film photography, these pictures document a young generation of Mexican-Americans taking queues from punk, art, and revolution, to embrace their heritage and make their presence known in America.


6. "The Mysterious Masked Women Of Iran" — BBC

7. Inside The Vice President’s Official Residence" — Washington Post

8. "A Photographer Has Created Nightmarish Monsters To Portray The Human Condition" — BuzzFeed