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    How Much Could You Carry If Your Life Depended On It?

    Photographer Floriane de Lassée documents individuals who carry their livelihood upon their heads everyday. And the results are absolutely remarkable.

    From East Africa to deep into Indonesia, photographer Floriane de Lassée asks a simple question, "How much can you carry?"

    What the photographer captures is a remarkable portrait of culture and livelihood, all carefully balanced upon on their heads.

    The project was inspired after Floriane witnessed families lugging their vital possessions atop their heads while walking along their township roads.

    Floriane writes, "How Much Can You Carry is above all a tribute to the life-giving; those whose life is heavy and where the smile and laughter become the key to a livable existence."

    "Leaving misery on the side, the models show a unique sense of curiosity, fun, and pride in staging themselves, proud to put forward what can be considered in lots of cases as their only survival means."

    Floriane de Lassée is a visual artist based in France. To view more of her work, check out her website at

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