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14 Intimate Portraits Reveal People's Deepest Guilty Pleasures

Photographer Odeta Catana asks: What's your guilty pleasure?

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Romanian-born photographer Odeta Catana's project Guilty Pleasure is a collection of intimate portraits that show the guilty indulgences that we all keep — but probably won't admit.

Odeta started the project as a way to visually explore the idea of guilty pleasures and why certain things give us a feeling of guilt. To do this, she asked each of her subjects to confess their "guilty pleasure" for the camera.

"I feel guilty because my fingernails don'­t look nice sometimes." —Daniela Duca


"I feel guilty because I don't feel comfortable to wear them here, in Germany, outside of my house." —Brenda Buyinda

"I feel guilty because I have health problems, every time I eat them or something fried I get sick." —Odeta Catana


"I feel guilty because I gain weight by eating too much of it." —Letitia Scarlat

"I feel guilty because I can'­t stop eating them." —Tatiana Mejia


"I feel guilty because it'­s weird that I need and I like to be very sad in order to be well again afterwards." —Sophie Guisset

"I feel guilty because I like watching how the most complex things are eaten out by the fire inside." —Cristian Dragnea


"I feel guilty because I buy too many when I find my size." —Raluca Betea

"I feel guilty because if I eat too many they are fattening." —Lulian Muresanu


"I feel guilty because I know it's weird to do this at my age–at 23 years old." —Laurie Saulnier

"I feel guilty because they are way too expensive." —Irina Victoria Dumitriu


"I feel guilty because animals are killed in order for me to wear these clothes." —David Bloom

"I feel guilty because my 'fuck the world' moment is when I stop caring about anything and I just enjoy the cold sweetness of a Coke." —Adrian Hitulescu


"I feel guilty because I spend money on it and it's not healthy." —Anca Dumitrof