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Finding Solace In The Arms Of A Life-Sized Doll

Photographer Benita Marcussen captures the unconditional love shared between the lonely and their artificial companions.

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Photographer Benita Marcussen documents the people who find solace in the arms of their life sized sex dolls.

Several of these individuals have chosen to use pseudonyms in fear of the stigmas surrounding their relationships.


In the early 1990’s, the sculptor Matt McMullen sought to design a more flexible and attractive mannequin.

Today, Matt's company, Abyss Creation, sells several hundred dolls a year to people seeking companionship and intimacy.


For most, the dolls provide comfort from loneliness. They're someone who will always remain by their side, no matter what...

After losing his wife to cancer, "Deerman" tried to meet new women.

Benita Marcussen

Soon after, he discovered that the women he admired were not as interested in him as he was them. So after several years of unsuccessful dates, he made the decision to purchase a doll that resembles his late wife.

"Shadowman" has a girlfriend and two adult daughters.

Benita Marcussen

And although his dolls are not part of a daily life with his family, everybody still knows of their presence.

Kharn was divorced from his wife 20 years ago.

Benita Marcussen

Kharn (in the right side of the picture) tried his luck in the dating field afterwards, but after 8 years he still hadn't met the right woman. Kharn doesn't have a sexual relationship with his dolls as he's very conscious that they will never be able to replace a real woman.

Kharn is still hoping that he will meet the living love of his life.

Benita Marcussen

Moving the dolls can cause a great deal of back pain if not lifted correctly. The dolls are fragile and their skeletons can actually pierce through the skin if they are dropped or damaged.

Chris Zacho's wife filed for divorce in 1986, shortly after having their first child.

Benita Marcussen

The bad experience of the divorce has affected his relations with women, pushing Chris to find comfort in the embrace of dolls.

Everard has had only one relationship with a living woman and has difficulties understanding women.

Benita Marcussen

Everard admits his loneliness and that his dolls give him comfort by their presence.


Benita Marcussen is photo-journalist based in Denmark. To view more of her work, check out her website at

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