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Here's Proof That The '70s Were The Peak Of Men's Fashion

Gone are the good ol' days!

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Ahhhh the 1970s! What a glorious time!

1. Gone are the days when the knitted turtle-neck poncho was the apex of male sexuality!

Patons / Via

2. When skating rinks were "clothing optional", and OBVIOUSLY the best place to rock your FUNTAWEAR!

Funtawear / Via

3. When "petting-zoo chic" was considered an expression of raw masculinity!

4. And when men wore REAL pajamas to bed!

5. Pajamas that actually stood for something!

6. When the coats were warm and the heads were tiny!

7. It was a time when athletes defied the limits of man!


8. When all of the wondrous technology of the era propelled mankind into new, unimaginable heights!

London Media

9. It was a time when REAL men enjoyed each other's company wearing nothing but a pair of argyle socks, a set of happenin' shades, and a bushy stache!

Interwoven / Esquire Socks / Via

10. When a man could channel his inner Peter Pan in the work place!

11. It was a time when you could show up to work for A WHOLE WEEK without anyone noticing you've been wearing the same thing for DAYS!

Sears / Via

12. When jeans were pre-fitted for ass-kicking and shoelaces!

Fuck zippers!
Century Clothing

Fuck zippers!

13. And $14.95 could always get you "Patterns galore and colors aplenty"!

14. When matching his and her jump suits were a symbol of a true love!

The Fifth Season / Via

15. And when underwear was more than just tighty-whities! It had personality!

Ahhhhh, the good ol' days!

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