17 Deeply Haunting Photos Of Life After Humans

    Photographer Peter Untermaierhofer journeys into the forgotten and the mysterious.

    Peter Untermaierhofer is a photographer who is unafraid of the places that people have long abandoned.

    His adventures start by finding lost places throughout Europe that have been left for nature to reclaim. Once inside, Peter is able to capture mesmerizing images that hint at their past lives, while imagining a future after people.

    BuzzFeed talked to Peter about his journeys:

    "As a child, my mother would show me around abandoned places on our family farm—it was then that I fell in love with these kinds of ruins. During that time, I wanted to be a treasure hunter when I grew up."

    Peter goes on, "I later bought my first DSLR and set out looking for interesting spots. I thought about the places I explored as a teenager—like an old WWII Nazi bunker where the Nazis planed to build Messerschmitt aircrafts."

    "In 2011, I started to explore Germany, moving on into Belgium and Luxembourg. At this point, I'm traveling all around central Europe, following leads of lost places and the forgotten."

    "Photographers like me are addicted to places like this. If you see a new spot on the web, a place that some other photographer discovered, it makes you want to visit and make your own perfect shot."

    "But we try to keep these locations secret. As the longer they are kept secret, the longer they can remain in this condition—and not tagged by some stupid fucker!

    ...Excuse my language, but I'd hate to see such beautiful architecture destroyed."

    "I feel lucky that Europe has such a rich architectural history, with every country brimming with its own unique style. It's all so very diverse here—perfect for exploring."

    "It's a never ending story that I love. A tale of traveling, adventure, adrenaline, and photography—at times it's even frustrating, but it's a big part of my life."

    "I hope these scenes will excite people's imagination. Everyone's imagination is different and used in their own way. I create the scene and the audience creates their own movie."

    To see more of Peter's work, check out his website at untermaierhofer.de.