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23 Horrifying Old Photos That Will Keep You Awake At Night

Sleep tight! ;-)

Horatio Gordon Robley and his collection of severed heads, 1895.

A patient undergoing treatment for mental illness in 19th-century Germany.

This group of "witches" in 1875.

These guys who "lost" their heads in 1875.

Long before Photoshop, early photographers tried their hand at "trick photography," fooling gullible onlookers into thinking that they've captured the impossible.

These med school students and their study subject in 1901.

Adr. Evtikhiev the "Wolfman," 19th century.

A midnight haunting over a baby's crib, circa 1860.

Lieutenant Herman with his ventriloquist dummy, circa 1870.

Six skeletons smoking around the dinner table, circa 1865.

Ghosts captured on film, circa 1920.

This ghoulish encounter, circa 1863.

These Victorian women and their "guests," circa 1890s.

This playful clown from 1924.

This deathly serious ghost, circa 1905.

A visit from the Pumpkin King, circa 1865.

Just a regular Halloween party, circa 1900.

A man posing with his collection in 1850.

The faceless victim of an acid bath, circa 1905.

This little witch on her broomstick, circa 1865.

And an 1865 haunting.

Sleep tight! ;-)


The Grand Guignol theater was located in France. An earlier version of this post misstated its location.