15 Astonishing Photos Capture A Whole Day In One Shot

    Photographer Stephen Wilkes painstakingly blends thousands of images to form his stunning works of art.

    In Stephen Wilkes' ongoing photo series, Day to Night, the artist creates breathtaking cityscapes that show an entire day passing in a single shot.

    From a single camera angle, Wilkes observes thousands of specific moments through out the day at the world's most famed locations.

    His photos are then painstakingly mended together to form a seamless transition from day to night, representing the passing of time in some of the busiest cities in the world.

    Wilkes writes, “I discovered that the photographs began to highlight a form of emergent behavior within the daily life of the city."

    "Studying the communication between pedestrians on sidewalks, cars and cabs on the street, these individual elements become complex life forms as they flow together.”

    Stephen Wilkes is a renowned fine art and commercial photographer. His current exhibition, Day to Night, will be on view at Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica, CA until January 3rd, 2015.