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    28 Beautiful Texas Tattoos You Definitely Won't Regret

    It's hard to be humble when you're from Texas.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Something small to remind you of where home is.

    2. This tattoo of the mythical Texas Jackalope.

    3. Drake's homage to the city that gave him hustle.

    4. A touching tribute to a music legend from Lubbock.

    5. Something subtle to share your team loyalty.

    6. This small tribute to your favorite Texas drive-thru.

    7. And how could we forget your go-to Texas beer?

    8. This declaration of BBQ allegiance.

    9. Something to display the source of all your strength.

    10. Something minimal and clean...

    11. Something artistic and cute...

    12. ...and something intricate and beautiful.

    13. This reminder that everything from Texas will return to Texas.

    14. This Texas cowgirl with her lucky horseshoe.

    15. This blooming staple of the arid Texas landscape.

    16. Like this lovely Texas bluebonnet — the state flower of Texas.

    17. And of course, we can't forget the yellow rose of Texas.

    18. Or why not ALL of the Texas wildflowers!?

    19. This optical illusion in your favorite shape.

    20. This tasty pun on our state's history.

    21. A simple outline of the Dallas skyline.

    22. This colorful homage to the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country.

    23. Or the desert landscape and adobe architecture of West Texas.

    24. This colorful scene from the West Texas desert.

    25. A Texas flag blowing in the warm southern air.

    26. One of our most iconic grass grazers — the Texas Longhorn.

    27. Or even Austin's furry friends living under the South Congress bridge.

    28. But does it get any better than a sheriff armadillo hitching a ride in a lone star cowboy boot? Probably not.