American Cowboys Of The Last Great Horse Drive

Every year, these men and women take a journey with a stampede of horses across the gorgeous landscapes of Colorado.

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The Great American Horse Drive is a two-day event where cowboys guide a gigantic pack of 400 horses across western Colorado.

The event has been happening for more than a quarter of a century and originates at the Sombrero Ranch, one of the last and largest ranches in the region. The horse drive is run by three generations of the Bishop family — men and women who are involved in every step of the process.

As far as these ranchers know, it's the only drive of its kind left in the country.

To the left, a Colorado license plate is seen on a car full of spectators, while the right shows cowboy Kyler Scott on crutches. Kyler had his shin kicked by a horse a few days before the event, but he came to help anyway.

The Great American Horse Drive culminates in a small town named Maybell, Colorado.

It's there that crowds gather along the street to watch all the cowboys and horses pass through the small community landscape. All at once, 400 horses parade down the main street in a tiny town filled with spectators.