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Banksy Opened A New Hotel And It's Just As Controversial As You Think

The new hotel has been dubbed "the worst view in the world."

The anonymous street artist known only as Banksy has made a career from his politically subversive works of art. Usually discovered adorning the walls of unsuspecting neighborhoods, Banksy’s brazen social commentary has been the subject of frequent controversy, tackling themes of immigration, surveillance, and globalism, among other divisive topics.

In 2015, Banksy opened Dismaland — a temporary theme park and large-scale art installation that invited visitors to experience what may best be described as Mickey Mouse’s nightmare. To follow up, the artist has now opened an actual hotel in Bethlehem, West Bank, in an effort to call attention to the communities directly affected by the Israeli West Bank wall on the border between the State of Israel and the Palestinian territories. Here's a look inside the artist's controversial new hotel:

Left: A grid of metal rods frames a painting of a majestic-looking elk. Right: A framed canvas has been burned through to reveal the words "Rural Landscape," painted on the wall in military-style typeface.