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20 Heartbreaking Photos Of Life In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Conditions in Puerto Rico continue to deteriorate after a Category 4 hurricane struck the island, crippling the country's power grid and leaving millions without electricity and water.

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Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Karlian Mercado, 7, rests on the rubble that remains of her family's home on Sept. 24 after it was blown away by Hurricane Maria as it passed through Hayales de Coamo, Puerto Rico.

The Washington Post / Getty Images

Marry Ann Aldea inspects the damage after losing everything in her house after the winds of Hurricane Maria ripped away her roof.

The Washington Post / Getty Images

An employee at a water-bottling plant sells water, up to five gallons per person, to residents affected by the storm.

Carolyn Cole / Getty Images

Highway 10, a major north-south connection through Puerto Rico is completely washed out, leaving people cut off from safety and resources.


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