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10 Perfect Stock Photos For Today's Casual Stoner

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As the national conversation surrounding marijuana has evolved, so has the image of the stereotypical "stoner."

So the Drug Policy Alliance has created some tasteful stock photos of marijuana users in completely ~normal~ situations.

1. Casually toking during a bubble bath while enjoying the silky smooth sounds of Lionel Richie.

2. Casually taking a hit while your friend Garrett Bennington takes an unnecessary risk with the Jenga tower.

3. Casually puffin' the chronic while simultaneously peering into your past, present, and future.

4. Casually sparking a blunt while Garrett Bennington plays his adult-contemporary rendition of "Let It Be."

5. Casually tappin' the ganja while you carefully slice bell peppers for Samantha's exquisite roasted red pepper purée (it's to die for).

Especially on pita.

Especially on pita.

6. Casually loading some sticky icky icky while waiting on the front porch for the school bus to drop off the kids.

7. Casually puffin' some dank kush while experimenting with Transcendental Meditation, but like, nothing serious, just dabbling.

8. Casually inhaling some hippie lettuce while your faithful and wonderfully talented husband, Ted, draws a still life with colored pencils called Fruit Among the Fall Foliage.

9. Casually passing the jay to your dad whom you've just recently reconnected with, things are OK now, but for the most part you didn't hear from him throughout your teen years, but now he seems to have turned over a new leaf and says he has a steady job.

10. Casually inflating the vape bag while your "faithful" husband Ted explains to his "other" family that he's just recently picked up drawing as a hobby.

Well done,!

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