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    30 Pieces Of Furniture From Wayfair Reviewers Swear Are Worth Every Penny

    "I think it's time we take this relationship to the next level." —your living room

    1. A velvet wingback chair for sinking into as you read your favorite extremely deep novel (or look at your favorite cat videos, which are also extremely deep).

    Reviewer's picture of the chair, which has solid armrests and splayed pin legs, in purple

    2. A mid-century–inspired two-drawer nightstand that's not only stylish — it comes preassembled, so the only work you'll have to do is figure out where it looks best in your room.

    Reviewer's picture of the nightstand in brown

    3. A velvet sleeper sofa with a wood frame and channel button tufting, so you don't have to choose between style and making your mom sleep on the floor when she visits.

    The couch in green, which has two wide seat cushions and small wooden legs

    4. A wooden, seven-drawer (!) mid-century-style dresser, because those of us who have accepted that we will never be able to successfully KondoMari our wardrobes still deserve to have someplace cute to put it all.

    Reviewer's picture of the dresser, which has small splayed legs, four large drawers, and three smaller top row drawers

    5. A trestle coffee table that has a '60s mod sensibility but totally modern design flourishes, including two drawers and four convenient built-in nooks to store remotes, controllers, or anything else you don't feel like leaving on top.

    Reviewer's picture of the table, which has thick splayed legs, and an almost U-shaped body, with four open cubbies in the center, topped with a pane of glass

    6. A sophisticated Eiffel-style side chair, so you can glow up your desk, dining room, or other space the easy (a.k.a. lazy ) way.

    Reviewer's picture of the chair, which has wooden splayed legs linked with black wire, in gray

    7. A ladder desk that's basically an instant home office—it has a desk, two cubbies, two shelves, and a magnetized board to hold notes. Why, you're more productive just looking at it!

    The desk in gray, which has a desk area with two built-in cubbies, two shelves above the desk, and a black metal frame

    8. An upholstered headboard with an arched silhouette and nailhead trim, for a subtle bedroom upgrade that will make your friends say, "Wait, something's different in here. Did you...become more mature and tasteful?"

    The headboard, which is upholstered in tan fabric, and has square edges, but a gentle arch at the board's peak

    9. A velvet flip-top storage bench that will allow you to store all your random junk in the most elegant way possible.

    The bench, which has an open back, arm rests on either side, and wooden legs, in gray

    10. A glass-topped coffee table with overlapping "V"-shaped legs, because it's just offbeat enough to draw the eye, but not enough to overpower the whole room.

    Reviewer's picture of the table, which has a glass-covered, rounded top, over four sets of crossed "V" legs

    11. A triangular, tripod end table that's neutral enough to blend with most decors, but stylish enough to stand out as a totally charming retro piece.

    The table, which has a rounded triangular top and three splayed legs

    12. A tripod lamp with a tiered drum shade, because seriously, did you know even lamps can be glam?

    The brass-colored tripod lamp, which has three long legs, and a small drum shade with a larger one encircling it

    13. An etagere bookcase with a crown arched top and open sides and back, so you can fully display all your treasures (books, photos, that weird seashell you found at the beach that kind of looks like a corgi, etc.).

    The bookshelf, which has five wooden shelves on an open metal frame, with an arched crown flourish on top

    14. A minimalist Novogratz writing desk with open storage cubbies, because you want a minimalist look, but you also want room to store your stuff. Nothing is less minimalist than having vast reams of stuff scattered all over your cool, minimalist desk!

    The desk, which has a white marble print and gold hairpin legs, and two open cubbies under the main desktop surface

    15. A metal nightstand that marries industrial chic with whimsy (and you don't even have to get them a wedding present).

    The nightstand, which has one locker-style door the opens outward, revealing two internal locker-style shelves

    16. A Novogratz audio rack, because it will add some mid-century chicness to your room and keep your vinyls safe, since improper storage can leave them warped and damaged.

    The audio rack, which has one large shelf to vertically store vinyl records, a smaller shelf for audio equipment or other related items, and hairpin legs

    17. A pouf made from woven jute, so you can rest your feet (or coffee cup, or butt) in laidback, boho style.

    The poufs, which are round with flat tops, and made of woven jute

    18. A clean-lined, mid-century TV stand with open and closed storage, because your gaming systems demand to be stored in a stylish place (OK, fine, they would be happy on the floor, but you will be happier storing them in a stylish place).

    The TV stand, which has one large open cabinet at one end, one large closed cabinet at the other, and a central area with three open shelves

    19. A rustic low-profile platform bed, so you can up your farmhouse-chic look without getting out of bed (literally).

    The bed, which is low to the ground, has a headboard, and visible wood grain

    20. A set of two upholstered, wing-backed side chairs for dinner tables, home offices, or any other spot in your home that could stand a little more glam.

    The chair, which has a velvet seat and back, and thin splayed wooden legs

    21. An open, airy sideboard with two sliding glass doors and open sides, so you can store your goods without adding bulk to the room's design.

    The sideboard, which has two internal shelves, and two sliding glass doors

    22. A Kelly Clarkson Home dining table with a wood-grain top and colorful, contrasting legs, because the best example of French countryside aesthetic is one that you can eat pizza on.

    The table, which has teal legs and a brown, wood grain top

    23. A classic wood-frame mid-century armchair frame that will be your home base, whether you're reading, watching TV, or just eating frosting straight out of the can (what? It's a hobby!).

    Reviewer's picture of the chair in gray, which has a wooden frame and thick cushions

    24. A cottage-chic accent cabinet with deep shelves and mullion framed glass doors, so you can show off or store your stuff, whatever strikes your fancy.

    The cabinet, which has divided glass doors, and four shelves inside

    25. A eco-chic side table with a slab top and intertwined, "root"-style legs that will give your place a totally unique vibe. It's like Rainforest Cafe, but make it fashion!

    The wooden side table with tree-like woven legs

    26. An industrial-meets-rustic hall tree with shoe storage, because once you experience the pure joy of a shoe bench, you will never go back.

    The hall tree, which has 2 shoe shelves, a bench top, and two rows of hooks at the top

    27. A corner bookcase with five triangular shelves in descending sizes, so you can make the most of your (tiny, tiny) space.

    The bookcase, which fits in a corner and has three legs, with five shelves which start large at the bottom of the bookcase, and end up small at the top

    28. A round-arm velvet loveseat with vertical tufting that instantly gives any room some luxe ambience. Yes, even your mom's crafts room. It's that good!

    Reviewer's picture of the loveseat, which has a back that wraps around the sides and slightly into the front, in almost a "C" shape

    29. A sleek, arched metal floor lamp with a footswitch, because killer style and convenience have joined forces, my friend, and they're ready to make sure you never awkwardly pole around under the shade for the on/ off knob ever again.

    The lamp, which has an arched, curved neck, with a drum shade and bulb hanging from the end

    30. A Novogratz metal canopy bed that has both clean lines and a vintage feel, so you can style it a million different ways.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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