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    28 Gorgeous Pieces Of Furniture From Wayfair That Have Already Earned Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews

    It's like thousands of people did the research for you. Wasn't that nice of them? You really should send them a thank you card.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A platform bed with a luxe, tufted velvet upholstered headboard, so you can basically wake up every morning feeling like you're in the middle of a home design photo shoot.

    The bed frame in gray, with a tall headboard with tufting and slightly forward-curved, wingback-style edges

    2. Or a classic metal platform bed by Novogratz with modern design flourishes, because bringing together elements of the past and future is like PB&J — a perfect combo.

    The bed frame in blue, with spindles on the headboard and footboard

    3. An industrial-chic five-shelf open bookcase, for a look that's half cool loft vibes, half farmhouse DIY. Small raised borders around the back and sides keep your books or collectibles from falling off the shelves.

    The bookcase in gray, with five gray wood shelves, and black pipe-style metal framework

    4. A two-drawer nightstand with midcentury styling and splayed legs that will make you have sweet (and extremely stylish) dreams. The nightstand comes preassembled, so you won't have to struggle with any directions or tools.

    The nightstand in white, with two drawers with small knob pulls and four splayed legs

    5. A column floor lamp with 100 watt illumination and three shelves for open storage, so you can have a brighter, neater room with almost zero effort.

    The lamp in white, which has a rectangular frame and three shelves, and is then topped with a rectangular lampshade

    6. Or a modern, clean line table lamp with a leather base, because unexpected materials and textures can breathe new life into your home design. Plus, every person who comes into your room will instantly say, "Wow, is that leather?"

    the white rectangular table lamp

    7. A brightly colored wooden end table with neutral silver pulls, two drawers and open storage, for a pop of color that's also extremely practical.

    The table in red, which has two drawers and an open storage shelf

    8. An upholstered storage bench with a flip-top, nailhead trim, and four wooden turned feet, so "classic elegance" and "place to hide all of my dirty clothes and random cat toys" can finally meet.

    9. A trestle coffee table with a unique curved body that evokes '60s mod while still being totally modern. The table features two small drawers, plus four glass-topped cubbies in the table's center that can be used to display collectibles, or just hold remotes and controllers.

    The table, which has thick splayed legs, and an almost U-shaped body, with four open cubbies in the center, topped with a pane of glass

    10. A wingback-inspired velvet swivel chair with a gold-finish base, for anyone who wants their home office to be as glam as humanly possible.

    The chair in yellow, which has a barrel-style back, and gold-tone swivel base with rollers

    11. Or an Eiffel-style chair, because if you're going to spend all day in your home office, it might as well look cute.

    The chair in gray, with four splayed legs with "Eiffel" style wiring between them, and a plastic scoop seat

    12. An L-shaped desk with a built-in Cape Cod-style cabinet that shows you don't need to sacrifice style just because you're looking for a practical piece.

    The desk in white, with a full desk area on one side of the "L" shape, and a cabinet with small drawer at the end of the other side of the "L"

    13. A set of four midcentury modern-style upholstered side chairs with a simple scoop silhouette, so you can live out your most elegant Mad Men fantasies every time you sit down (yes, even when you sit down to house a plate of pizza rolls).

    A set of four chairs in pink, with splayed legs in walnut

    14. A distressed wood entryway bench and coat rack with shoe storage, because having a place to sit and put your shoes on properly (instead of just kind of smooshing your feet in them as you walk out the door) will change your life.

    The hall tree, which has a bench, with an open storage shelf beneath it for shoes, and two rows of hat/ coat hooks above it

    15. A column-style console table with open storage that looks just the right amount of modern, without getting too edgy.

    The table, which has a a column shape which widens from the bottom shelf, includes a middle shelf, and ends in a wider top shelf

    16. A wooden midcentury modern dresser with clean lines and seven drawers, because your clothes called, and they said they want to live someplace awesome.

    The dresser, which is rectangular, with two rows of two drawers, and three smaller drawers along the top of the dresser

    17. A sleek, contemporary entertainment console that makes a bold statement while still using neutral colors.

    The console, which is low, with low drawers on either side, and two shelves for entertainment systems in the center

    18. A French country tufted ottoman with nailhead trim and turned feet with hidden rollers, for a room that needs some serious Marie Antoinette vibes.

    The ottoman, which has dark French country-style carved legs and a large, square tufted body, in beige

    19. A classic club armchair upholstered in linen, because whatever you currently have in your reading nook, it cannot possibly look this cozy.

    The chair, with small wooden legs, tufting on the back, and nailhead trim around the edges of the arm and head rest, in "natural," which is an off-white color

    20. A coffee table with a marble-finish top and metallic X-shaped base that will lighten up any living room.

    The coffee table, which has a rectangular wooden top with a marble print, and a frame that is shaped like an X on the ground

    21. Or a rustic-industrial solid wood coffee table with a metal X-frame, for living rooms that need a really solid anchor piece.

    The table in pine, with a plain top and open storage shelf, and a black metal X-frame

    22. A simple wood and steel console table that gives you space to display items without taking up a lot of room.

    The table, which has a thin rectangular wooden top, and a narrow black metal frame

    23. A five-shelf wooden ladder bookcase, so you can finally organize your massive to-be-read pile without creating more clutter.

    The bookcase in white, with five shelves that have the same width throughout but become shallower the higher you get on the ladder

    24. A rustic chic glass-fronted sideboard that will add warmth and charm to your dining room with distressed-looking wood.

    The sideboard in white distressed wood, which has three sets of glass-doored cabinets, and two interior shelves

    25. A neutral-colored bolster dog bed with a memory foam core and washable cover, so it'll match your decor and give your little buddy the best sleep of their life.

    The bolster bed in gray, which has a round supportive rim around three sides of the rectangular bed

    26. An end table with a sunken top that can double as a removable tray, because unlike your last date, this table really cares about your needs.

    27. A wooden farmhouse-style filing cabinet, for when you want your home office to emphasize the "home," not the "office."

    The filing cabinet in gray, which has two wide drawers with decorative "X"-shaped markings on the outside

    28. And a velvet midcentury sofa that folds down into a twin bed, so you can truly have it all: the sleek style of a midcentury look, and also a place for your guests to sleep that is not the floor.

    The couch in green, which has two seats, and small wooden peg legs

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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