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    31 Valentine’s Day Gifts From Target That Are Both Exciting To Own And Incredibly Useful

    Flowers and chocolates only last a few days. But a single-serving coffee maker? That's the gift of a lifetime, friend.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of rimless, mirrored heart-shaped sunglasses with a rose gold frame, because the flame of your love is so bright, they'll obviously need shades to look at it (plus, they will also keep actual sun out of their eyes).

    The sunglasses, which are mirrored, rimless, and shaped like hearts, with rose gold wire stems and nose bridge

    Promising review: "I love these glasses, they are lightweight and super cute. I've gotten so many compliments on them, and for $10, they can't be beat. They were my favorite glasses this past spring /summer, so bought two extra pairs in case I lose or break them. They are durable, plus the pink sheen on the lens is really pretty." —GUhle

    Price: $10

    2. A scented candle with a ceramic body and 32-hour burn time, so their home will be full of amazing smells for months beyond V-Day.

    The candle, which comes in a circular ceramic holder that is red on top and beige on the bottom, with a small heart printed in the base

    Promising review: "This candle smells amazing. Love each of these scents separately, and together, they are *chef’s kiss*. Also, the ceramic holder is very cute." —quarantinequeen

    Price: $12 (available in sandalwood rose, jasmine rose, and scarlet citron scents)

    3. A cologne sampler set with four different mini-bottles, for your Valentine who's ready to upgrade their scent game but not totally sure where to start.

    The four colognes, which come in small tubes

    Promising review: "Bought for my husband. These scents are wonderful and woodsy. We love that they can be easily packed for travel. Kudos for making these!" —Aflick4

    Price: $17.99

    4. A retro, rechargeable Pokemon Nintendo Switch wireless controller that will ensure you're on your honey's mind every time they make a bell in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    The controllers, which has a retro-style swoosh and a Pikachu profile design

    Promising review: "I’m not gonna lie, I mainly bought this because I liked the look of it. But I love that it’s rechargeable so I don’t have to constantly be buying batteries." —Myra

    Price: $49.99

    5. A one-cup Keurig coffee maker in pastel colors, for the friend who loves you almost as much as they love caffeine.

    The coffee maker in light pink, which is narrow and has space for one coffee cup to be filled with coffee

    Promising review: "I love how effortless it is to make coffee. Especially the sleek compact design and pattern, it definitely stands out in my kitchen and I get so many compliments on it from visitors!" —Maddy156

    Price: $79.99 (available in four colors)

    6. Or a 34 oz pour over coffee maker, because your Valentine's love language includes words like "single origin" and "roast levels."

    The pour over coffee maker

    Promising review: "I really love it!! It’s fun to make coffee with this pour over coffee maker. My coffee tastes really delicious! Plus, it adds a nice decor in my kitchen. This would be a great gift for coffee lovers!" —Andie

    Price: $19.99

    7. A glittery travel tumbler, so your favorite person can tote their favorite beverage in style (and with no spills). Plus, it comes with free unicorn gummies!

    The tumbler, which has a light pink tone with light blue and white patches and gold-colored glitter flecks, as well as a light blue top and straw

    Promising review: "This cup is so pretty! I love the colors, the size, and the quality. The gummies were good, too!" —Kels

    Price: $5.99

    8. A Valentine's-themed pop-open cat tunnel that they can store flat when they're not using it, or use all year with their favorite feline.

    The tunnel, which has a heart-shaped opening, and a foldable heart-print tube

    Promising review: "Our cat loves zooming through this tunnel! It’s very well made. Since it folds up nicely, I’ll be able to store it with the Valentine’s Day decorations and pull it out again next year!" —Sarah

    Price: $15.89

    9. A three-pack of Baby Yoda Valentine's socks, because nothing says "love" like helping someone keep their toes warm all February. Plus, it comes with a built-in old school Valentine's Day card.


    Promising review: "Very cute, came in a sweet box that is decorated and ready for Valentines Day. I bought two, and my recipients will love them!! Great alternative to candy." —Ld777

    Price: $8

    10. A Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 camera, for the Valentine whose two great passions are 1. you and 2. taking a billion selfies.

    The camera, which is compact and has a built-in flash, in pink

    Promising review: "My 11-year-old daughter gives this camera five stars! We purchased the pink one as a birthday present and she absolutely loves it! The color is adorable, it's easy to use, and has a selfie mirror for taking pictures with her friends. The only downside is the Instax film is a little pricey. But, overall, this is an excellent purchase that we highly recommend!" —lisaiam

    Price: $69.99 (available in six colors, film sold separately)

    11. A chocolate strawberry and champagne glass squeaky dog toy set, so you can spend V-Day celebrating the real love of your life (and keep playing with these toys way beyond February).


    Promising review: "My dogs loved these toys. Fair warning: my dogs are 15 lbs and 25 lbs, respectively and while the champagne glass was the perfect size, the strawberry was too big to fit in their mouths. It has a ball or something inside it, so it's not squishy. They carry it around by the green top instead." —Elle

    Price: $12.19

    12. A bourbon-scented bar soap for your Valentine who only accepts extremely practical gifts, because they are actually Ron Swanson.

    The soap, which is a light brown color and in the form of a rectangular bar

    Promising review: "Everyone loves the smell of this soap! Highly recommended!" —Greenclean

    Price: $8.53

    13. A vegan Winky Lux lip stain and balm that moisturizes and turns lips a unique shade of pink, for your pal who loves whimsy but also multitasking. (The glitter inside the balm is just decorative and doesn't come off on lips, so they won't have to worry about accidentally rocking a full Lady Gaga look around the house.)


    Promising review: "Such a gorgeous lip balm—almost too pretty to use! Obviously, when you apply it, the pigment isn’t nearly as pink as the photo—it's a VERY subtle pink tint with a little shine. The taste isn’t bad, either. Ever so slightly bitter (but just don’t eat it, lol)." —Target customer

    Price: $15.99

    14. A weighed blanket with a removable cover, so you can literally give them sweeter dreams.

    The blanket, which is gray

    Promising review: "Purchased on sale for a Christmas gift and ended up buying two more for others! Perfect weight to make you feel all cozy without feeling hot. Nice that the cover is washable too. Highly recommend." —StephanieG

    Price: $42.49+ (available in 15 and 20 pounds)

    15. An eye-depuffing mask in a fun silver star pattern, because seriously, is there a better date night activity than sheet masking?

    The mask, which is clear with a silver star pattern, and which covers the top half of the face, with holes for the eyes

    Promising review: "This mask works WONDERS for puffy/red /dark under eye bags! Definitely adding it to my regular routine." —sophieology

    Price: $4.89

    16. A Star Wars Death Star cheese board with built-in tools, for the commander of *your* Rogue Cheese Squadron.

    The cutting board, which is round, wood-colored, has an image of the Death Star cut into the top, and holds four cheese knives inside it

    Promising review: "I got this for my hubby for Valentine’s Day this year!! Let’s just say it was a huge hit!! He and I both love it! It’s not *too nerdy* and the cheese tools work so well!!" —Kwilliams

    Price: $39.95

    17. A wooden Apple Watch charger stand with a touch of midcentury aesthetics, so your beloved can take better care of their favorite tech toy.

    The stand, which has an oval wood base, and a round pop-out watch holder

    Promising review: "This is the perfect little addition for my nightstand. It holds my Apple Watch in an upright position while it charges. I actually bought two more to give to my husband and son for Christmas." —Jenny

    Price: $9.99 (charging cord not included)

    18. An oversized faux fur heart pillow that will support their back *and* help you two cuddle on the couch long after the holiday is through.

    The pillow, which is heart-shaped and large enough to take up the entire back of a love seat, in pink

    Promising review: "This is such a gorgeous pillow! It's large, plush, and incredibly soft. Looks great on my bed!" —Targetshopper123

    Price: $20 (available in two colors)

    19. Or a square blush throw pillow dotted with tiny beaded hearts, because it's not just a piece of Valentine's Day decor, it's actually an amazing design element that could work all year round.

    The pillow, which is square, blush-colored, has small red poms at each corner, and is dotted with small beaded hearts in red and white

    Promising review: "Super cute pillow, just what i was looking for. The hearts are little beads." —Target customer

    Price: $20

    20. A five-year daily journal with a different question to answer each day, so you and your honey can remember the good times (and, okay, also the boring times) forever.

    The book, which is the size of a hardcover book and has a hard cover

    Promising review: "I am obsessed with this journal. I look forward to answering the questions and I can’t wait to read back on them and compare my answers. The questions are thought provoking and allow you to provide meaningful answers." —Emily

    Price: $8.99

    21. A pair of heart-shaped, heart-print pot holders that are part retro-chic, part totally practical.

    The pot holders, which are heart-shaped, and have red fabric on one side with a shallow pocket for the hand, and pink fabric with red heart prints on the other side

    Promising review: "What you see online is what you get. Beautiful." —Novala

    Price: $10

    22. A set of six color-coordinated scrunchies for a gift that says "I love you" and "stop stealing my hair ties" at the same time.

    Six scrunchies, in a variety of colors and fabric textures, including silky and velvety

    Promising review: "Love these! So cute and comfy." —Knevin

    Price: $6.50+ (available in four color sets)

    23. A snuggly blanket with an "xoxo" heart print, so you can show your love ~and~ help them to stop feeling frozen in their extremely drafty apartment.

    The blanket, which is white, with "xoxo" printed in red, with the "o"s replaced with hearts

    Promising review: "This blanket is soft, comfortable, and affordable. I think this blanket makes the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day gift!" —Cjatl

    Price: $10

    24. An Xbox Gold Game Pass that will get your sweetie full access to all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold (how's that for romantic?).

    The Game Pass card

    Promising review: "Easy to purchase and redeem on your Microsoft account. This is by far one of the best values in gaming, even at regular price. Coupled with $1 month trial that’s offered, you can stretch this out a little further." —VOguy

    Price: $14.99+ (available with one or three month access)

    25. A set of macaron-shaped bath bombs, because unlike real macarons, these will last a long time and give their bathroom a sweet scent.

    The bath bombs, which are shaped like small, pastel-colored macarons

    Promising review: "I purchased for my daughter and she loves them. They fizz and do not cause irritation on her sensitive skin. They can break if you are too rough while opening them. But they are affordable and she has fun." —Tagred

    Price: $5

    26. A pair of cozy Minnetonka knit and suede lace-up indoor/outdoor booties, for your Valentine who always has *shockingly* cold toes (seriously, every time they put their feet on yours, it's kind of ALARMING).

    The boots in grey, with suede sides and printed fabric over the toes and on the sides of the booties

    Promising review: "Got these in gray print, really cute and warm for around the house. I wish they came in half sizes ( I would have sized up a half size), and wish they had a bit more support in foot bed (flat, little support). But good for around house and property, and for car errands. Can wear outside." —mamabear

    Price: $59.95 (available in two colors and sizes 5-11)

    27. An essential oil diffuser, because how can a bouquet of flowers compare to this bouquet of spa vibes?

    The diffuser, which is gray and shaped like a small round vase

    Promising review: "'Clarity' has a clean, soft scent, it makes the whole room smell amazing. The price is great because the scent lasts and is strong enough to add a scent to the air. Great in your home, and great as gifts." —Ss

    Price: $15

    28. A pair of geometric hanging wall planters for your honey who's balancing your relationship with their career as a full-time plant parent.

    The planters, which are geometric and light-colored, with a brass-colored frame to hang them from the wall

    Promising review: "Love them, great quality and look fantastic with my mid century mod decor." —Lv

    Price: $20+ (available in two colors)

    29. A SodaStream sparkling water maker, because the most romantic gift for a sparkling water fan is anything that gives them access to unlimited sparkling water.

    The Soda Stream, which fills one bottle of water at a time with fizz, in light blue

    Promising review: "I thought this would require power or batteries, but upon opening the box, I was pumped to find out that, nope! It's off the grid. I’m mad I didn’t buy this sooner. TBH I thought it was going to be complicated and messy, but it’s SO simple. The water is so fresh and fizzy. I drink a few bottles of sparkling water a day and it’s just so expensive and terrible for the earth to use all those plastic bottles (whether you recycle or not!) So this will be paying for itself very quickly and tastes even better. I don’t know how long the CO2 cartridge will last, but compared to the pallets of bottled fizz and time spent recycling, it’s sure to be a wash. The appliance and the bottle itself is quite beautiful too!" —Denmother

    Price: $69.99+ (available in four colors)

    30. A portable Bluetooth speaker with USB charging capability, so you can play they can play your song anywhere (Or podcasts. They're also really good for podcasts.)

    The speaker, which is small and round, in raspberry

    Promising review: "I would highly recommend because the battery lasts a long time, and it's portable and able to go anywhere. I also like how great and loud it sounds. It's also waterproof, which is perfect for when you go to pools. I love it!" —Jash C

    Price: $29.99 (available in four colors)

    31. A copy of Harry Styles's Fine Line album on limited-edition black-and-white swirl vinyl, because trust me, if you love a Styler, they will consider this incredibly useful. The album also comes with a free poster.

    The album, which has vinyl with a black-and-white marbled print

    Promising review: "The vinyl is so gorgeous, it’s pricey but well worth it—it’s my prettiest one by far. I’ve seen complaints about skipping; those are probably because of a faulty record, or more likely, a bad record player, because it didn’t skip at all for me. It played great and looked pretty. The poster was a nice surprise, too." —vinylcollector742

    Price: $34.99

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