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    25 Things From Walmart To Make Your Home Feel Both Bigger *And* Brighter

    Get ready to feel like you have so much more space and so much more light.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A metallic-framed, full-length mirror that can open up your space in two ways: leaned against a wall vertically or hung horizontally. Mirrors are the MVPs of making rooms seem bigger β€” they create the illusion of more space, and amplify any available light.

    The mirror, which is long and rectangular, in rose-gold frame

    2. A vintage-styled Drew Barrymore Flower Home wooden floor lamp with a green velvet drum shade and 5-foot-long cord, so you can add extra light to any corners of your room that your overhead lighting leaves dark.

    The lamp, which has a circular wooden base and wooden pole, both in a cherry wood finish, topped with a green velvet circular shade

    3. A pair of bright nesting end tables, for a pop of color that will lighten the space β€” unlike traditional dark wood tones, which absorb light.

    The set, which includes one small table that fits under a larger table, both with rounded tops and splayed legs, in blue, with natural wood colored legs

    4. A open-frame wood pendant lamp with built-in dimmer that will open up and illuminate your room.

    5. A round accent mirror with a modern, slightly distressed white frame, because it will draw the eye to the reflected image, making the room feel larger.

    The mirror, which is circular with a thin white frame around it

    6. A simple, clean-line end table, for an uncluttered look that makes everything seem more spacious.

    The table in white, with a rounded tabletop, splayed legs, and natural wood tone at the bottom of each leg

    7. A Queer Eye metal bed frame with a geometric frame headboard, so you can increase the design factor in your bedroom without a bulky headboard taking up space.

    The bed frame, which is metal, in black, with a wiry geometric design in the headboard

    8. A sheer curtain, because dense, heavy drapes will darken the room and make it feel smaller. Sheer curtains let natural light in, and their airy texture helps things feel even more open.

    The curtain, which hangs to the floor and is peach-colored, but sheer

    9. A tall, narrow bookcase that will accentuate the room's height, making it feel taller.

    The bookcase, which is white and has five shelves

    10. An elegant, art deco gold-finish bar cart, because glass and metallics reflect light around your space.

    The bar cart, which has a gold finish frame, glass shelves on the top and bottom, and a circular design in the back area

    11. Or a glass-and-metal coffee table that will bounce light around your living room.

    The table, which is circular, with a round, metal frame, four legs, and a circle of safety glass as the top

    12. A light-colored rug, because if you have dark hardwood or tile floors, it will help make the room feel lighter.

    The rug, which has a shag texture, in a square size, in white

    13. Or a brightly patterned, stain-resistant area rug, so you can define space within your room β€” the colors help divide the floor visually, making the room seem larger than it is.

    The rug in green, in a green and white crosshatch pattern

    14. A minimalist writing desk that leaves plenty of space free, while also adding a rustic design flourish.

    The desk, which has a simple metal frame and a wood-finish top

    15. A bottle of streak-free glass cleaner, because the simplest way to make your room brighter is to make sure your windows are sparkling clean and letting every drop of natural light in.

    The cleaner, which comes in a trigger-spray bottle

    16. A piece of simple, vibrantly-colored Drew Barrymore Flower Home wall art that will help make a dark room feel lighter.

    The wall art, which has a pink background and a green drawing of plant vines

    17. A set of U-shaped floating shelves, because they look airier than bookshelves, and create less visual clutter.

    The shelves, which are white and have a "U" shape, with small shelves on either end

    18. A simple, fold-down convertible sofa-bed that won't overpower your living room the way a traditional overstuffed couch would.

    The couch in gray, with six small wooden peg legs and two raised arms at either end

    19. A torchiere floor lamp with dimmer and reading lamp, for rooms with weak overhead lighting. The lamp directs light up towards your ceiling, illuminating the whole room, rather than only lighting the immediate area. The additional reading lamp also provides focused light when you need it.

    The lamp, which has a main light with an upturned frosted shade, and a smaller light on a gooseneck

    20. A three-piece sunburst mirror set that does double duty β€” it catches the light, making your room seem warmer and lighter, while also serving as a wall accent.

    The three mirrors, which all have a round mirrored center, and various "sunburst"-style gold-toned embellishments

    21. A 12-pack of bright, energy-efficient lightbulbs that will make your current lamps and lighting fixtures shine more intensely. Though it's important to only use the correct wattage for your light, extra-bright lightbulbs will throw more light without using more energy.

    The light bulbs, being used in light fixtures

    22. A can of no-primer-needed white paint, for an easy, low-budget brightness makeover β€” true white walls will make any room instantly appear bigger, and reflect whatever light is available.

    An entryway which has been painted with the white paint

    23. A tufted storage ottoman with nailhead detailing, because the simplest way to make your room look bigger is to pick up all the random stuff you have on the floor and store it away somewhere (yes, even the Baby Yoda dolls. Especially the Baby Yoda dolls).

    The ottoman, which is cube-shaped, and has tufting on top and nailhead trim around the top sodes

    24. A brightly colored, machine-washable throw pillow, for a quick way to inject some bright color into a dark room.

    The pillows in pink, which are square and have some thin dark trim around the edges

    25. A farmhouse-chic linen shower curtain in a light shade, because a dark or busy shower curtain can make a small bathroom look even smaller.

    The linen curtain, in pink and white, which has button flourishes across the center

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