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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Revive Everything In Your Home

    Grease-cutting sprays, powerful rust removers, and other things to help you clean, fix, polish and de-stink virtually everything.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bleach-free washing machine cleaner, so you can wipe out mineral build-up, mold, and that dank "old washing machine" smell, without any scrubbing —just pop it in and run a regular wash cycle.

    The cleaner, which is in tablet form, being dropped into a top-loading washer

    Promising review: "Excellent excellent excellent. Works better than liquid products that claim the same fame. Affordable and really does the job. No more stench from the washer. Whites come out white. Highly recommended!" —swilzig

    Price: $9.98

    2. A spray-and-wipe lime remover, because it is time to annihilate the lime stains in your tub, weird calcium deposits on your showerhead, and gross soap scum on your shower door.

    A shower door, one side covered in soap scum, and the other side cleaned and clear

    Promising review: "Works really well. I had hard water stains on my glass shower walls. This got rid of them. Spray, wait 15-20 minutes, and then just rinse off — it's that easy ! LOVE this product. You can use it on anything that has lime, rust and hard water stains." —JackieP

    Price: $3.74

    3. A washable slipcover, for when it's time to update your old recliner (or just cover some really insurmountable wine stains). It comes in four separate parts, so you can get a snug, fitted look on every section of your chair.

    A recliner, covered in the slipcover in maroon, with side pocket

    Promising review: "Love this recliner slipcover. I needed it for my family room, to cover up a light tan La-Z-Boy cloth recliner. It was really easy to put on. Awesome price and soft stretchy material." —Patricia

    Price: $37.96 (available in five colors)

    4. A weekly shower-cleaning treatment that'll keep your tub and tile free of mold, mildew, soap scum, and all manner of yuckery — just spray once a week after showering, let it sit, rinse, and you're good! No need to even scrub.

    On left, a shower with mold and hard water stains; on right, the same shower, after being treated with the cleanser, free of stains

    Promising review: "This is great stuff. Sprayed it on after a shower, like they said, and the next shower, everything looked clean (glass, fixtures, tile, etc.), with no scrubbing at all. I have been looking for a cleaner like this for a long time, and finally found it." —Bob

    Price: $17.97

    5. A rust stain remover so you can get gnarly orange/brown discolorations out of your white toilets, showers, and sinks (but make sure to only use it on porcelain, not metal).

    A small bottle of the rust remover

    Promising review: "Does a great job on removing rust without a lot of work on your part." —JJNYC

    Price: $3.48

    6. Decorative window film, because sometimes you can't install curtains, but still want to increase your privacy and give your room some softer sunlight.

    the film on a vertical window next to a door

    Promising review: "I have used this brand before at my former house. Both times, they have gone up easily and look very natural to the window. I have sidelights that let a lot of afternoon sun into my house. I put these up and they definitely reduce the glare, but still filter enough light through. I love it." —SusanM

    Price: $16.22

    7. A carpet and upholstery cleaner with a built-in scrub brush for when you need help lifting out any kind of stains — even really old ones.

    The cleaning foam, sprayed onto a rug and being scrubbed with the built-in scrubber on the top of the can

    Promising review: "Brought back life to our 15-year-old ottoman! It's our 10-year-old dog's favorite nap spot. We also have a 6- and 8-year-old dirtying it up. Trying to clean it with other products left the microfiber looking blotchy. This actually lifted the dirt and dried evenly." —Tiffany

    Price: $3.88

    8. A set of removable peel-and-stick vinyl backsplash tiles, so you can easily revamp an out-of-date bathroom or kitchen, even if you rent (or just change your mind a lot).


    Promising review: "These were very easy to apply and make a big difference in my kitchen. Visitors can't tell these aren't 'real' tiles and always compliment the way they look." —MathTeacherK

    Price: $5.99+ (available in sets of one, six, and 10 tiles)

    9. A nail hole filler that doesn't require a putty knife or any other tools — just squeeze the liquid into the holes you made hanging that Mamma Mia 2 poster, clean up any extra spackle, let it dry, and BAM! you're getting that security deposit back.

    A tube of the nail hole filler that is about the size of a tube of toothpaste, with a flip-open top

    Promising review: "This is exactly what I was looking for, a small tube of spackling to put in cracks and fill up nail holes. I did not even use the sponge — I just took the seal off the tube and used my finger. It worked well and gave instant coverage. No mess to clean up, and it washes off your finger easily. The quality is good and the price inexpensive. For me, this was a great buy!" —Marcy

    Price: $2.97+ (available as a single tube or in a three-pack)

    10. A kit to help you safely change high-up lightbulbs, so you never again have to balance on a rickety ladder (or decide you're just gonna live with a burned-out bulb). The kit includes a pole that extends to 11 feet, bulb-grabbing and suction tools, and even a duster attachment.

    The pole with its standard-size bulb removal attachment, holding a standard bulb

    Promising review: "I was surprised at how easily and safely the suction cup removed my difficult-to-reach floodlights. All these years, I struggled with a ladder, when this tool removed the bulbs in minutes. Since the instructions have good tips like how to release the suction, read them first. The price was very reasonable. Keep the box to store the pole." —Jackrabbit2

    Price: $16.97

    11. A wood scratch cover liquid for repairing damage to your floor and furniture caused by chairs, pets, water, or just daily life — a coat or two and the scratches are invisible.

    A wooden floor with scratches from scraping chair legs

    Promising review: "I love Old English scratch cover for dark wood. It brought back the beauty of my cherry antique desk, which had experienced many scars from a move." —Blackeysue2

    Price: $4.82

    12. A strip of industrial Velcro that holds up to 10 pounds, so even if you're no good at installing hardware, you can hang curtains, organizational caddies, or even a smoke alarm.

    Velcro strips stuck to a wall, where they are being used to secure a small plastic shelf

    Promising review: "I bought this to hang valance curtain on my kitchen window that already has blinds on it. It worked perfectly, holds it well, and saved me from doing the extra work!" —zack00123

    Price: $2.97

    13. An expandable shelf, because why live with a so-tall-it's-full-of-wasted-space cabinet, when you could transform it into extra shelving?

    The rack, which has four legs, a slatted shelf, and rises about tall enough to hold a stack of four plates below it

    Promising review: "Measure carefully to make sure you can use these, but if the dimensions work for you, this is a very high-quality organizer — sturdy enough for heavy-duty pots and pans. It's super easy to change the length of it. I don't think you could buy a better product of its kind anywhere. A little pricey, but worth it." —nina1980

    Price: $20.99

    14. A heavy duty, no-scrub oven cleaner, for when you need to cut through layers of food-related grime, but don't want to spend hours scouring — just spray, let it sit, and then wipe away all the schmutz.

    A sponge removing grime after the application of the cleaner

    Promising review: "Easy-to-use directions, and smells good too. Once it sits in the oven, it is so easy to clean. It made my oven look brand-new!" —Amanda

    Price: $4.24

    15. Stick-on, battery-operated motion sensor lights, so you can light up your previously dark bathroom, hallway, cabinet, or closet, without having to rewire anything.

    The small, circular lights shown lighting a stairway, a closet, a cabinet, and a shelf

    Promising review: "Excellent LED lights to light up the hallway at night and stairs. They are very bright, just walk near one, it goes on and after you move away, it goes out after 10 seconds. Easy to install with double sided adhesive sticker, or just on a flat steel surface. The magnet holds it. Works well with three AAA batteries." —Stephen

    Price: $11.97+ (available in three styles)

    16. A stainless steel cleaner that doesn't require heavy polishing—just spray and wipe away fingerprints, grease stains, and dullness from your refrigerators, sinks, stovetops and other steel items.

    A stainless steel fridge, shined with the cleanser

    Promising review: " This is the BEST stainless cleaner I have used so far. Spray directly on the surface, wipe in the direction of the metal grain, and buff to shine. And yes, it was a streak-less shine! We have kids and pets, and a water/ice dispenser in the freezer door, which causes extra streaks and messes on our fridge. So having this handy trigger spray is a dream. No pre-cleaning, just spray and wipe. The sprayer has a nice coverage area, not a stream, which can be messy. I also appreciated how well this cleaned, not just polished, so I didn't have to use as much elbow grease as I have in the past with other products. This product is great for people who don't have a lot of time, or hand/arm strength, but like to keep their appliances looking top-notch. I didn't have to use much, so a little goes a long way. This one 12-oz. spray will probably last us a long time, great value for the price." —MomofToddler

    Price: $4.12

    17. A mold and mildew cleaner for when you need to erase all of the nasty mold on your bathroom caulking in just a few minutes (after all, who wants to spend more than a few minutes staring at that stuff?).

    A towel wipes the spray, which is foamy, from a tiled wall

    Promising review: "Had mold and mildew that was hard to remove with regular cleaner, so I tried this, because it had bleach. I sprayed some on the mildew around my sink, waited a while, and then rinsed off. I did not even scrub, just rinse, and now my sink looks very new and clean. The smell is very strong because of the bleach, so open a widow or, if not, turn on a fan. I am very happy with this product AND will buy more when needed." —texasmama6

    Price: $3.72

    18. A dishwasher cleaning tablet, because you need to sweep away limescale, mineral buildup, mold, and all manner of ickiness in order for your washer to clean thoroughly.

    The cleaner, which comes in tablet form

    Promising review: "Do you run your dishwasher a lot? I do. Do you live in a hot sub-tropical climate? I do. Everything that can mold, mildew or otherwise scum up does and does so with pleasure. Run this tab periodically through your dishwasher (without dishes in it) and it gives the inside a proper cleaning. I do it in tandem with cleaning the trap to improve my odds against the enemy." —Jason

    Price: $5.98

    19. A fabric scent refresher, for curtains, carpets, or that couch you've had since college that definitely ~smells~ like you've had it since college.

    The spray, in a trigger bottle

    Promising review: "This stuff really works! I have a huge dog, a teen, and three toddlers, so things are not always super clean and smelling fresh...but with this product, you would never know it! It really makes the entire house smell amazing. With just a few sprays on curtains, couches and rugs, it smells like I have cleaned all day! I love it! The bottle is huge and will last forever, the scent is so fresh and wonderful. Great to spray around when company is coming, or when I just want to freshen up! I absolutely love this spray! Even the packaging looks clean, fresh, and simple!" —Mommyof4

    Price: $3.97

    20. A bottle of grout coating, so you can turn your stained bathroom grout white again (there's only so much scrubbing can do, after all).


    Promising review: "My bathroom tiles are over 20 years old, so no amount of cleaning or scrubbing will make the white grout white again. However, this product is awesome! It's easy to apply (like shoe polish), dries quickly, and the end results are 'like new' — definitely worth the money and the small investment of time! I've been using this product for the past 10 years." —dls16

    Price: $5.76

    21. An angled brush, because you need help to conquer the inner corners of your stove, between-tile grime, and other hard-to-reach, yucko areas of the house.

    The brush, which has an angled yellow handle, and straight black bristles

    Promising review: "Great for cleaning very dirty, grimy grout. The brush made it a breeze and required significantly less elbow grease (so to speak)." —Mistyrn

    Price: $5.32

    22. A steam mop, for when you want to deep-clean your floors and pick up all the dirt that traditional mops miss.

    The mop, which has a rectangular head with cloth on the bottom that is pushed across the floor, and a water reservoir in the handle

    Promising review: "Love this mop. I used it the first time right after cleaning my floors with a traditional mop, and was horrified to find how much dirt was still being cleaned from my floors. This is so easy to use and the pads can just be thrown in the wash to use again. I am very pleased with this steam mop!" —Fibrekween

    Price: $39 (originally $49.16)

    23. No-scrub carpet-cleaning pads that don't even require you to use your hands — just pop the pad down on the stain, stomp it, leave it there for a few hours to soak up the stain, and then throw it out.

    The pad, being removed from the carpet after lifting the stain

    Promising review: "I used a couple on some old stains in my carpet that nothing else worked on. The pads are really easy to use, too. Just open a packet, unfold the pad, place over stain and stomp your foot ( with shoe on) on top the pad. Put soft side of pad facing down. As you stomp, you will see some bubbles form from the cleanser in the pad. When I lifted my pad, the stain came away with it. It did exactly what it said it would do. I have no complaints. I have a couple of cats and sometimes hair balls can get messy. I look forward to being able to clean these up completely." —tinkerwd

    Price: $24.99 for a 20 pack

    24. A nonabrasive cooktop cleaner to get all the spilled and burnt food off your glorious glass stove top, but you also need to keep that stove top from getting scratched.

    On left, a dirty glass cooktop burner; on the right, the same burner, clean are using the cleanser

    Promising review: "This is great for a deep clean on the stove top once a week. Helps remove that extra crud that typical cleaners can't remove. Has a gritty feel that you apply, scrub, then wipe off with wet cloth. Does take a few wipes to get it all off. We also use this on the stainless steal on the stand of our bar stool. Works great and makes a clean shine afterward. Highly recommend." —Stevie

    Price: $4.12

    25. Goo Gone adhesive remover, for when you want to clean any hard surface of gum, glue, tape, wax, or bumper stickers that seemed funny in 2015 but now make zero sense.

    An 8 oz bottle of Goo Gone

    Promising review: "This is one of my favorite cleaning products. It smells good and gets the job done right. I've got a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old, a puppy and a messy husband so I'm always finding something that needs to be cleaned with Goo Gone. Just put a little bit onto the cloth and rub away whatever needs gone. I just bought this bottle off of to remove a few stickers my 4-year-old put on our car window after a trip to the dentist's office. Worked like a charm!" —mrsmommywright

    Price: $8.49

    26. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, so you can remove scuff marks from the floor, baked-in grease from the kitchen, even pen and crayon stains from the walls.

    The Magic Eraser, cleaning a large crayon stain off a white painted wall

    Promising review: "These pads really work on anything you want to get sparkling clean. Love using it in the bathroom, walls and even the white plastic part of my sneakers. Makes them look like new." —Elena

    Price: $8.47

    27. Or if you need to clean up a really tight, really dirty area, a pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets, which are much thinner than normal Magic Erasers, so they can fit into tiny spaces, around corners, or under rims.

    The Magic Eraser sheet being used inside a dirty microwave to clean splattered grease

    Promising review: "I really appreciate the functionality of these Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets. They are so easy to use and even clean up messes in my oven. The size makes them so easy to maneuver." —RoRo

    Price: $4.94

    28. A garbage disposal cleaner tablet that gets rid of lingering smells and residue with basically zero effort on your part.

    Woman dropping the tablet into a sink-based garbage disposal as water runs from faucet

    Promising review: "Our garbage disposal had an awful, rotten egg smell coming from it, so I bought these to hopefully get rid of the smell and it did...IMMEDIATELY. The tablet is well wrapped and was easy to use. The smell was gone instantly and I will definitely use it again, as needed." —PinkTulips

    Price: $2.38

    29. Leather conditioning wipes to quickly clean leather furniture and increase its flexibility with natural oils that prevent cracking, without messing around with a bunch of weird rags.

    The bottle of leather conditioning wipes

    Promising review: "One wipe will cover a large area easily. There is no harsh chemical smell, and it cleans and conditions leather beautifully. I have a leather furniture set in my living room that is about 15 years old. At first, I tried one wipe to a small test area and there was no discoloration of the leather. It only took one wipe to clean and condition the entire loveseat. I was impressed of how the cleaner wipes worked at bringing new life and softness to the leather! Then went crazy!! Cleaning the leather couch, my leather boots, leather handbags and leather seats in the car. Even my husband's dirty leather wallet looks new again!" —Reeni

    Price: $3.62

    30. A Clorox toilet wand with a sponge head preloaded with cleaner, so you can wipe away all the stains and mineral build-up that your regular brush misses (and when you're done, you can just throw the head away).

    The toilet wand with sponge head inserted under the rim of the toilet, scrubbing

    Promising review: "No one likes cleaning toilets, myself included, but this tool makes it a lot easier. I just click in a cleaning pad, without ever having to touch it. The wand has an insert that clicks right into the cleaners that are placed inside the stand. Once attached, simply dip into the toilet to get wet and clean away. Literally takes everything off the toilet without having to scrub or stick my hand into the toilet bowl. Such a great product. I recommend this to just about everyone I know when talking about cleaning products." —Walmart customer

    Price: $6

    31. And a mold, mildew and algae remover that is formulated specifically for patio furniture, brickwork, vinyl siding, sidewalks, and other outdoor items that can get a bit mold-o-rific.

    On left, wooden stairs with lots of dark mold; on left, the wooden steps after they have been treated with the cleanser, free of mold

    Promising review: "We used it on heavy-duty plastic and glass outdoor furniture that I had neglected for two years, so there was a very big build-up of mold and dirt!! Sprayed on, let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then hosed it off. Some remained, so sprayed it on lightly the second time, waited 30 minutes again, rinsed, and then took a shop towel and LIGHTLY wiped the table and chairs. They looked brand-new!! I highly recommend this product!! One warning, I splashed some on my pants while i was spraying (my inexperience with a sprayer), and it did leave stains. Small price to pay for like-new patio furniture!!" —donna

    Price: $12.70

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