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    21 Products From Amazon That Golden Retriever Owners Swear By

    Easy-to-clean brushes, tough chew toys, and other essentials to help make your retriever's life a little more ~golden~ (sorry, had to).

    1. A hand-knit wool sweater roomy enough to fit over thick fur, because even goldens can get chilly in the winter (especially outdoors).

    A fully grown golden retriever wearing the sweater, which covers its entire back, but leaves the belly area mostly exposed

    2. A nontoxic nose balm, for golden retrievers whose sniffers are dry, chapped, scaly, or could just use a little TLC.

    A reviewer's before-and-after shot of dog noses: on the left, dry and scaly, before application of the product; on the right, a smooth-looking nose

    3. An easy-to-clean slicker brush with retractable bristles that will keep your pupper's double coat smooth and healthy, without pulling or yanking.

    The brush, with metal bristles fully extended and long handle with grips

    4. A padded, no-pull harness specifically designed for larger dogs, so your golden can always feel comfy and secure on walks (yes, even when that squirrel who lives in your yard starts antagonizing them).

    5. An orthopedic dog bed, because the memory foam will help relieve some of the joint pain older goldens often experience.

    The rectangular dog bed, with a raised "arm"-style rim on three sides

    6. A machine washable car seat cover that will fit any backseat and keep your pupper cozy (and out of the floor/ underseat area).

    The cover in use in the backseat of a car, anchored to the headrests, creating a hammock that does not allow dog access to floor of car

    7. A durable rubber squeaky toy, for the golden who is constantly destroying their playthings (R.I.P. Squeaky Chipmunk Plush Toy, we hardly knew ye).

    The chew toy in black — a long cylinder with rows of nubs for chewing

    8. A durable rope leash with a padded handle, so even if your golden is a tugger, your hand won't get hurt or strained.

    The leash in bright blue, with padded loop handle, metal clasp, and climbing-rope leash

    9. A cooling mat that will give your golden relief from the summer heat (or help soothe an injury) for up to three hours.

    The mat, fully laid out on a couch, with an 85 pound golden retriever fitting onto it comfortably

    10. A raincoat with reflective visibility strips, so your pal can stay safe, visible, dry and cuuuuuute on rainy days.

    The raincoat, in blue with yellow rubber ducky print, cover the dog's back and the top of its head, tied under its chin and across its belly

    11. A pair of water-resistant, nonslip booties, because goldens love outdoor time all year-round, even when the pavement is burning-hot or covered in ice-melting salt.

    A golden retriever wearing the booties, which are secured across the ankle area with thick velcro straps

    12. A pair of sharp, easy-to-grip nail clippers, so you can trim your puppo's thick nails quickly and move on to activities that are more fun for the both of you (like, say, literally anything else).

    The nail clipper, opened to show size of clipper area in comparison to dog paw

    13. A bath brush that can help massage in shampoo, untangle knots, and lift out all the weird crud that got stuck in your golden's fur while they were rolling around in the yard.

    The brush, with a small bristle on one side and the handle used to hold it on the other

    14. An indoor/outdoor shower wand, for when you want to wash all your golden's hard-to-reach fur without soaking your entire bathroom in the process.

    The curved bath wand being used in a bathtub to wet a dog

    15. A sensitive skin shampoo, because goldens are especially vulnerable to skin allergies and itches.

    16. An elevated dog bowl that helps prevent the neck and back strain that taller dogs can get from leaning down to eat.

    A golden retriever eating out of the elevated bowls, which are raised so it only has to bend very slightly to eat

    17. A wide, nonslip, wood-and-rubber ramp, so your golden can still stay mobile in their ~golden~ years, even if they have joint or hip pain.

    The ramp set up at the foot of a bed, with the rubber walkway slowly rising to bed height, with a railing on the far side of the ramp to prevent falls

    18. A foldable pool, because goldens love chilling by the pool during the summer as much as you do (possibly more).

    A golden retriever lying down in the middle of the pool, which has a dark blue interior and light blue exterior

    19. A treat-dispensing puzzle toy that will help keep your smart, inquisitive golden entertained (and properly snack-ified).

    The toy in blue, flying saucer-shaped with a cross-shaped opening for treats to be dispensed through

    20. A water bottle with built-in cup, so your golden will never be caught thirsty when you're camping, on a road trip, in an emergency, or otherwise on the go.

    Dog drinks from the built-on cup on the water bottle, directly, without a human needing to hold the bottle

    21. A fetch/ tug-of-war toy for the golden who loves dog-human bonding time as much as they love exercise (which, okay, is actually all goldens).

    Dog chewing on long fetch stick, which has rounded knobs on each end and in the middle

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