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    29 Kitchen Products From Amazon That Look Instagram-Ready, But Are Also Incredibly Useful

    Never again feel like you have to choose between having a really cute kitchen and actually being able to, you know, cook stuff.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A rainbow-colored set of ultra-flexible plastic cutting boards that can scoop, fold and help you easily transfer your veggies into the pan (instead of dropping half of them on the floor).

    2. An eight-piece set of pink and gold stainless-steel kitchen gadgets for cooks who want a full set of tools that look sweet enough to eat (note: please do not eat this cheese grater).

    The set in pink and gold

    3. A vintage-styled, six-setting toaster with extra-wide slots, so you can easily toast the widest and everything-est of bagels without them getting stuck.

    A reviewer photo of the toaster in green

    4. A pair of stylishly patterned cotton oven mitts with two matching pot holders, because your current mitt is so burned-up, you don't even know what pattern it used to have (horses? Looks like it could have been horses).

    5. A set of six dishwasher-safe, stainless-steel nesting mixing bowls with multi-colored airtight lids and non-slip bottoms, so you don't have to worry about transferring your leftovers to Tupperware.

    A reviewer photo of the bowls, stacked on top of each other, with their lids on top

    6. Or a 10-piece plastic nesting bowl, strainer, and measuring cup set in pastel shades, because the only thing better than a cute mixing bowl set is a cute mixing bowl set that takes up almost zero cupboard space.

    The bowls, which fit inside each other, and the spatula, which is blue

    7. A galaxy-print mini-waffle maker, for folks who want to make sure that they're cooking up the most delicious breakfast in the known universe.

    8. A set of six color-coded stainless-steel knives with matching covers, because there is nothing more annoying (or potentially ouch-inducing) than blindly pawing through your cutlery drawer, trying to find the right knife.

    A reviewer photo of the knives, laid out with their covers

    9. A rose gold garlic press that can also press coriander seeds, cumin seeds, peppercorns — basically, if you need something cracked in the kitchen, this is your MVP (Most Valuable Press).

    A reviewer photo of the press in rose gold

    10. A set of four chic coiled-rope trivets, because they'll make your house look like a high-end catalog and they'll keep your counter from getting scorched by a hot pan of brownies. I mean, what other needs do you even have??

    A reviewer photo of the four trivets, which are circular, and made of coiled cotton rope in various colors

    11. A set of two pastel, stainless steel nesting colanders with wide bases, so you don't have to worry about spilling your carefully cooked pasta all over your not-so-carefully-cleaned sink.

    The two colanders, one in light coral and one in mint green, which both have stainless steel riveted handles and wide bases so that they can stand upright on tables

    12. Or a whimsical, BPA-free plastic colander that looks like a monster. Luckily, this little buddy is here to drain your pasta, not haunt your nightmares (at least, FOR NOW).

    13. A dishwasher-safe, rainbow titanium 8-quart stock pot with a glass lid, so you can not only taste the rainbow, but evenly cook the rainbow, too.

    A reviewer photo of the pot, which has riveted handles and a rainbow-shimmer metallic color

    14. A dishwasher-safe, matte-finish steel spoon rest, because your spoons deserve more than just being plopped onto a paper towel.

    15. A sculptural plastic fruit basket that doubles as decor and extends the life of your fruit by allowing for greater airflow.

    16. Or a geometric wire fruit bowl, so you can keep your fruit from getting all yucky and cooped-up at the bottom of a solid bowl.

    A reviewer photo of the wire bowl filled with fruit

    17. A 3.8-quart enameled cast-iron braiser pan, because once you start using a piece of cast-iron cookware, you're gonna be using it nonstop — might as well get a cute one!

    A reviewer photo of the cast iron pan in blue

    18. A set of four pastel-silicone-and-copper kitchen sink strainers that "pop" out their centers you can use to get all that "how did this get in MY sink?" ickiness out without touching it.

    A reviewer photo of the strainers, which have gray centers and pastel-colored rims

    19. A 16-piece silicone-and-wood cooking utensil set with a stainless-steel storage rack to help you go from owning no kitchen utensils to "oh, do you want to borrow my basting brush?" in 30 seconds flat.

    A reviewer photo of the utensils in light green, hanging from their storage stand, which has a circular base, thin body, and hooks at the top that can hold the utensils

    20. A playful, suction cup-mounted sponge holder that will help your sponges dry quickly and make your kitchen 30% more adorable.

    A reviewer photo of the sponge holder, which has a small "head" with a top hat, monocle, and mustache, and which holds the sponge below the head as if it were a bow tie

    21. Or a bed-shaped sponge holder, for days when you want to make sure everyone knows that washing dishes is EXHAUSTING (also, the raised surface encourages airflow, which helps your sponge dry faster).

    A reviewer photo of the sponge holder, which has a white frame shaped like a bed, with two plastic pillows on top to hold the sponge in place

    22. A cushioned, water-resistant, nonslip kitchen rug, so you can wash or chop to your heart's content, without it taking a toll on your back.

    A reviewer photo of the rug in turquoise and white

    23. A set of four measuring spoons (plus an egg separator) that look like a bunch of cherries, because there is only one way to make baking even more fun than it already is, and buddy, this is it.

    A reviewer photo of the measuring spoons, which have red, heart-shaped spoon surfaces and green handles

    24. A pair of brightly colored salt and pepper shakers with transparent bottoms, so you can always see when it's time to get more seasoning.

    A reviewer photo of the salt and pepper shakers in red

    25. A measuring cup set that fits together to look like a vintage mason jar, because when was the last time you had a measuring cup set that added to your kitchen's vibe?

    26. A set of six cotton dish towels with whimsical designs, so you can clean up your many, many kitchen messes in ~style~.

    The towels in leaf print

    27. A set of skull-shaped silicone ice molds, because bigger ice cubes melt more slowly than small, traditional cubes. Plus...they're skulls. I mean, what more could you want??

    28. A set of four retro-charming glass milk jugs with screw-on metal caps, so you can conveniently store your creamer, juices, or homemade egg nog (yes, I make it year-round, WHAT OF IT?).

    A reviewer photo of four of the milk jugs filled with egg nog, with the lids screwed on

    29. And a vintage-styled smoothie blender that whips up 21-ounce shakes, green juices, and other blends directly into a travel cup. Basically, this is the greatest roommate you have ever had.

    A reviewer photo of the blender and a smoothie blended in the blender

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.