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    29 Things From Amazon That’ll Practically Redecorate Your Home For You

    "I love what you've done with the place" —you, talking to your new chair.

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    1. A mid-century dome table lamp that will create a polished, grown-up, "I actually know how to order wine correctly" vibe anywhere you put it.

    A reviewer photo of the dome light in white

    2. A Moroccan-inspired area rug in neutral tones, so wherever you put it, it'll feel stylish but not overpowering.

    A reviewer photo of the rug in a gray and white pattern

    3. A set of two velvet mid-century lounge chairs, for rooms that could stand to be 80% more glam (aka all rooms).

    4. A two-drawer writing desk with midcentury flourishes like splayed legs, so you can introduce some clean line design into your space (and, you know, have a place to do your work).

    A reader photo of the desk, which has a white body and wood-colored legs

    5. A macrame hanging shelf that can be mounted from any hook or nail, so you can give any space an instant boho makeover.

    6. An enclosed litter box with an adorable mid-century aesthetic, so your cat's litter box can be a design asset, instead of an ugly stink-carton that is ruining your home design.

    The litter box, which is on small splayed legs and is oval-shaped, with a small circular hole for entry, in blue

    7. A vintage-styled tufted sleeper sofa, because couch technology has advanced leaps and bounds since that bulky, overstuffed convertible sofa your parents used to have (you know, the lumpy one that would always pinch your fingers).

    A reviewer photo of the couch in yellow

    8. A set of five geometric air plant holders that can be mounted on a wall or sit on a flat surface, so you can instantly jazz up your space with metallics, texture and greenery.

    9. A cabinet bookcase, so you can organize your books or show off your collectibles in Scandinavian-inspired style.

    A reviewer photo of the bookcase in black

    10. A hammered metal moon phase garland, because I have yet to see a bedroom that would not benefit from a sprinkling of neo-boho/Stevie Nicks/modern witchery decor.

    A reviewer photo of the garland

    11. A floating honeycomb shelving unit with five open shelves that will inject some offbeat minimalism into your space.

    A reviewer photo of the shelf hung on a wall

    12. A faux marble coffee table with gold-tone crossed legs, so you can give your living room a contemporary update without totally overhauling the place.

    Reviewer's picture of the marble-top round table with gold legs

    13. A one drawer mid-century end table, because you need something to put your coffee cup on, so why not make it something this chic?

    A reviewer photo of the table, which has splayed legs, in walnut

    14. A set of LED fairy lights with photo clips, so you can basically re-do an entire room's ambience in 10 minutes.

    The lights, illuminated and hung from a wall, with a few photos hanging from the clips

    15. A mid-century-style Eiffel chair, because when you have chairs this stylish, just sitting in them and eating some crackers technically counts as "studying design."

    The Eiffel chair in green

    16. A traditional farmhouse-style end table that can instantly make your space feel warmer and more homey.

    A reviewer photo of the table in blue/ green

    17. A 6-liter rose gold trash can with a foot pedal, because now that you know this exists, how are you going to live with your current bathroom trash can?

    A reviewer photo of the rose gold trash can, which is cylindrical

    18. A spindle table that works with farmhouse, modern rustic, French country, or "random stuff my old roommates left when they moved out" decor styles.

    A reviewer photo of the table in seafoam

    19. A textured metal boho coffee table, because it will make you feel like you're living inside a lifestyle blog photo shoot. Just *try* not to pose next to this with your most adorable coffee mug, I dare you!

    A reviewer photo of the table in silver

    20. A vintage-styled, six-setting toaster with extra-wide slots that will give your kitchen a lil' retro boost.

    A reviewer photo of the toaster in green

    21. A set of glittery curtain panels, because they split the difference between Studio 54 and Elle Woods in the most aesthetically appealing way possible.

    A reviewer photo of the curtains in silver

    22. An office chair that takes all the style of mid-century modern design, and combines it with all the convenience of actually-modern swivel chair technology. Don Draper wishes he could kick back in such style.

    The chair in yellow

    23. A mid-century-style low profile TV stand with sliding door storage areas, because the clean line design will give your area an immediate lift.

    A reviewer photo of the TV stand in brown

    24. A two-tone woven basket that does double decor duty—it gives the space a rustic farmhouse vibe and it gives you a place to hide all your most un-aesthetically-pleasing stuff (video game controllers, hat shaped like a giant cheese wedge, etc).

    A reviewer photo of the basket, which can be filled with pillows, blankets, or other medium-sized objects

    25. An wall-mounted ladder bookcase made with reclaimed wood shelves and metal framing, because its industrial-chic look is a great anchor piece for minimalist living rooms.

    A reviewer photo of the bookcase in black metal and dark brown wood

    26. A circle mirror that makes a design statement, makes your room look larger, and lets you see if you have any poppy seeds stuck between your teeth. Has there ever been a bigger home decor MVP?

    The mirror, which is round with a thin, colored frame around its edges

    27. A mid-century-styled club chair, because a pop of color can totally revamp a dark or neutral-toned living room.

    A reviewer photo of the chair, which is a dark teal color

    28. A shaggy, colorful, machine-washable area rug, so you can completely change your room's color scheme without buying all new furniture.

    A reviewer photo of the rug in aqua

    29. A classic, tufted leatherette storage ottoman that also works as spillover seating, so all the people who come by to admire your gorgeous living room redesign will have a place to park their keisters.

    Reviewer image of ottoman in living room

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