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    17 Things On Amazon That’ll Seriously Upgrade Your Hamster’s Space

    It's Fixer Upper: Hamster Edition.

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    1. A coconut hut so your tiny pal can have a hideout that's cozy and eco-friendly.

    a reviewer's white hamster in the coconut house

    Promising review: "My hamster took a day to realize she loves this thing. She’s a regular-sized girl and has room for fabric scraps, treats, food, and shavings in there." —Angela

    Price: $9.99

    2. An roomy, machine-washable fleece bed for when your hammy wants to feel snug and hide from the world (relatable)., Amazon

    Promising review: "I ordered this for my hamster and it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be! But it’s SO cute and he absolutely loves it. It’s so soft and it’s super easy to clean. Definitely recommend." —Brooke

    Price: $12.90+ (available in sizes S–L)

    3. A small, natural wood tree trunk tunnel with nine different entrances so your dwarf hamster will always have new ways to play. Plus, it's safe for them to chew on.

    The log, which has holes in the top, sides, and on each end

    Promising review: "This is great hideout/toy for my daughter’s new dwarf winter white hamster. He loves going through it and standing on top of it. Glad it’s made of wood in case he wants to chew it." —Y S

    Price: $7.99

    4. A 10-pound bag of bathing sand that's sold for reptiles, but hamster owners swear that it's the safest, most dust-free option for your tiny buddy's sand bathing, burrowing, and potty needs.

    A hamster playing in the sand, which is beige

    Promising review: "Got this for my hamster cage and it's like magic. My hamster loves rolling around in it. Plus, with this, litter, and bedding, the cage went from being sooooooo smelly to not realizing that I haven't cleaned it in a MONTH. I used to not be able to go a WEEK without having my living room smell from the hamster. The only thing I had added was this sand, so I am giving it all the credit!!" —Melisa

    Price: $17.99+ (available in two sizes)

    5. A natural wooden bridge made with flexible wires, so it can be shaped into a tunnel, a hideaway, a connector between two spaces, or anything else your hamster's tiny, fuzzy heart desires.

    a reviewer's hamster crawling on the wooden bridge

    Promising review: "This is the only toy that my Syrian hamster loves to chew on, climb on, and hide under. I went ahead and purchased three more of these because of how durable they are! They are also great for making wall dividers in the hamster cage." —N

    Price: $6.99+ (available in two sizes)

    6. A plastic sandbox/bathroom that will give your hamster a secure place to do their business. Plus, it comes with its own cleaning scoop, and the covered top helps contain smells and prevent sand from flying everywhere!

    The hamster bathroom, which has a blue opaque plastic bottom and a clear plastic domed top, which has a circular entrance cut into the front

    Promising review: "My hamster likes it. She uses it as a bath, litter box, and just a place to hang out and eat. I have to clean it fairly often because of how much time she spends in it, but it keeps messes contained. The shovel it comes with is just okay, the slots are too big to filter out millet hulls, but works for anything bigger. The lid keeps the sand from spilling out, and I think the hamster feels safer with it." —diatoms

    Price: $12.99

    7. A three-room wooden hideout with adjustable dividers and a removable roof, because variety is the spice of life (yes, even hamster life). The rooms can easily be reconfigured, based on your hamster's needs.

    a reviewer's white hamster on top of the enclosure

    Promising review: "I got this for my dwarf hamster for his first birthday, and he loves it! He barely uses his other hides anymore. He uses the back room to store his food and sleep in, and I like to imagine he uses the front room as a sort of mud room. It's really well-crafted and well put together, as well; I was surprised by the quality. I also love that the top is totally flat, so it's a platform where you can place other items and do activities — it doesn't feel like wasted space at all. I think this is the best purchase I've made for him yet." —E. Torres

    Price: $15.95+ (available in two styles and sizes)

    8. An adjustable-height exercise wheel with super-quiet double ball bearings, so your hammy can go HAM (sorry) on their wheel all night long without keeping you awake.

    A reviewer's hamster using the acrylic wheel

    Promising review: "This is the absolute best wheel for any Syrian hamster! It's a great size and fits my Syrian perfectly, his back doesn't arch at all! I had a wheel for him but it squeaked really badly. I bought him this one in hopes of a quieter noise level. This wheel is 100 percent silent! I've had it in my hamster's cage for about a month now and it's still as silent as the day I bought it! My hamster absolutely loves it! Please buy this wheel for your hamster! You won't regret it!" —Hannah

    Price: $25.99+ (available in sizes S–L and in 12 colors)

    9. An easy-to-clean cotton hammock that can keep your hamster cozy whenever they want a little time out from the world. Oh, and did I mention that it looks like a BANANA?? Maybe I should have led with that.

    a reviewer's hamster in the yellow hammock

    Promising review: "My hamster seems to love this. It’s also super cute and easy to clean." —S.E. Dunn

    Price: $8.99

    10. A cupcake-shaped ceramic hangout with a removable roof, for all of your dwarf hamster's sleep/ play/ hide/ food storage/ cuteness needs. The ceramic is easy to clean, impossible to chew through, and will make it difficult for your furry little darling to knock over or push around their enclosure.

    a hamster in the white and yellow cupcake enclosure

    Promising review: "Liked it so much I bought another. Thick ceramic, well-made, and it is much larger than the pictures make it appear. I bought one for my robo hamsters, but it was perfect for the Syrians, as well." —Kristan

    Price: $16.99

    11. A freestanding, no-leak, plastic and metal water bottle that doesn't need to be hung up or attached to enclosure walls — just stand it up wherever your fur ball likes to hydrate. Plus, the base doubles as a hideaway!

    The water bottle, which has a metal mouthpiece tube, a wide plastic base with a hideaway hole, and a thinner clear plastic water tower

    Promising review: "I have a Chinese Dwarf hamster and when I first got him, I purchased the large glass Kaytee bottle, thinking it would be great. Well, the Kaytee bottle frequently jammed — to the point where it was difficult for me to get water out, much less for a tiny little hamster with a tiny mouth. I ordered this one on Amazon and my hamster fell in love. The nozzle is easy for him to use and the plastic base makes sure it stays at an appropriate height and angle. The added feature of the hole in the base makes for a great hideaway that my boy loves. Also, the bottle is really easy to travel with. I put it in the carrier when I took my hamster to the vet and it remained upright through travel. You don’t have to worry about hanging this bottle. You can just place it down wherever. I’m very happy with this product and I couldn’t recommend it enough." —Hailey

    Price: $8.99 (available in four colors)

    12. Or a leak-proof ceramic waterer so you never have to worry about water bottle leakage, or straws that get blocked and don't give your poor fur baby any water at all.

    The waterer, which was a larger dome to hold the water, and a small attached bowl that the hamster drinks from

    Promising review: "We had trouble with two different water bottles not dispensing water (I would check multiple times a day), so my husband and I decided to get this bowl for our dwarf. It's easy to wipe clean and fill, and the bowl portion is small enough that my hamster very rarely drops bedding into the dish. I change out her water and wipe the bowl portion about every three days. It automatically dispenses water as she drinks it, and though I decided to Velcro it to my aquarium wall to hold it steady, my hamster was not able to knock it over prior to my Velcroing it. Most importantly, my hamster is able to get water whenever she needs it, and I no longer check her cage multiple times a day to make sure she can get hydrated. I will continue to use this dish for any other small pets I get in the future. No more water bottles for us!" —Mina

    Price: $10.99

    13. A box of leak-proof Arm & Hammer cage liners that absorb moisture, so you can keep your little friend's enclosure smelling like roses (or, at the very least, not smelling like... you know).

    the yellow box of liners

    Promising review: "Highly recommend! We have two robo hamsters and it seemed like the day after cleaning their cages, it would begin to smell in the room. With these liners (and bedding on top), I can clean cages once a week (or even push it 10 days) and the room has no odor!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $8+ (available in 14- or 21-count packs)

    14. A woven grass tunnel so your hammy can safely explore their natural instinct to burrow, without the risk of getting hurt or stuck somewhere.

    The tunnel, which is made of woven grass, shaped like a "T," and has four entrances

    Promising review: "This was a lot bigger than expected, which was great for my Syrian hamster. And it’s good for trimming teeth. Great value, too." —Lily

    Price: $16.99

    15. A package of odor-removing cage wipes that have raised scrubbing "dots" to help you scour off the biggest messes in your enclosure.

    The wipes, which come in a cylindrical tube-style container with a flip-up top

    Promising review: "This product works really well for cleaning out my hamster's cage! The towel is made of a material that is similar to Lysol wipes, and it is of a size slightly larger than a facial tissue. It doesn't dry out quickly, and I am able to use just one towel to clean the entire cage. The towel has two sides to it. The 'scrubbing' side does an excellent job of removing the pee stains on cage surfaces. Although this product may be a little pricey, it has saved me a lot of time and trouble during cage cleaning and I would definitely recommend it. We are already at our second tub and there's really nothing we can complain about." —WE.Neo

    Price: $8.59+ (or Subscribe & Save for $8.16+/month)

    16. A two-level wooden playhouse for smaller hamsters with climbing pegs, hideout areas, and a slide (!), so it's basically a McDonald's Play Place for petite rodents.,

    Promising review: "I looked at many, many ham houses and decided on this one, because it seemed sturdy, it had the features I was looking for, and it has enough going on to keep a little hamster entertained, without being unnecessarily busy. There are no potential hazards like I saw with other hideaways. She does flop herself off, but that's nothing new. I chose wood so she can chew on it, which she does. Perfect size for a Roborovski, other dwarfs as well, absolutely not for Syrians or other big hamsters. I would buy again and recommend." —Kris

    Price: $13.99+ (available in two sizes and three color combinations)

    17. A 10-piece set of wooden hamster toys including balls, bell toys, and rope swings, because everyone knows your hamster is the most spoiled fur kid on the block, and frankly? You wouldn't have it any other way.,

    What's included: climbing ladder, watermelon balls, small bell roller, dumbbell, unicycle, molar string, rattan ball, squared molar block with rope, and grass carrot.

    Promising review: "Great quality with each item, our hamster loves to chew on these and after four months, they are still holding up strong. None of the pieces fell apart after the months of abuse from those little teeth on our hammy, they were well-made and glued." —dosan

    Price: $17.99

    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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