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    44 Funny Valentine's Day Cards To Make You Laugh

    If your Valentine's Day plans are less "candlelit dinners and long-stemmed roses" and more "puns, fart jokes, and a Big Mouth marathon," we've got some cards for you.

    1. A card that gets real about what happens in your bedroom ~after hours~.

    2. A punny card for the wordplay lover in your life (or the wool lover in your life! We're not here to judge what you do in your free time).

    A drawing of a blue ball of wool, with "Wool you be mine?" written in black type across the top

    3. A card that speaks the truth about a truly wondrous relationship feat.

    A drawing of two cats who are high-fiving, with the words "Yay, we still like each other" written over them in black ink

    4. A card for couples who know that when it comes to love, the intention is more important than the execution.

    A card with a cartoon drawing of a mountain that says "I'd climb a mountain for you, but I might only make it this far," with an arrow pointing to the middle of the mountain

    5. A card that celebrates the two things all the best relationships run on: gratitude and breakfast foods.

    A cartoon anthropomorphic butter stick and loaf of bread, with "You're my butter half" written in black

    6. An adorable The Office card, because you love how your Valentine has been salesman of the month for 13 of the last 12 months.

    A drawing of Dwight Schrute, covered in lipstick kisses, and the words "All you need is love—false, the four basic human necessities are air, water, food and shelter"

    7. A card that salutes the shared values that hold a relationship together.

    A black card with a drawing of a computer and the words "Of all the weirdos on the internet, I'm glad I picked you"

    8. A card for those who know that the couple who WhatsApps together, stays together.

    A white card with a drawing of a phone and the words "You're still my favorite notification"

    9. A Friends card, because what better way is there to tell your Valentine that you want to mate/ watch TV together for life?

    A white card with a red drawing of a lobster and "You're my lobster" written in black

    10. A card for your home's designated bug-mover-awayer.

    A white card that says "Thanks for always being there when I need you most" in black, over a cartoon of a spider trapped under a glass

    11. A card that shows that a Valentine is nothing compared to a Galentine.

    A pink card that says "Let's make a date to not have a date"

    12. A charming crustacean card, because your romance began by the sea (or over a shrimp platter).

    A white card with a red drawing of a shrimp, and the words "You're shrimply the best" in black

    13. A card for couples who are otterly smitten with each other.

    A drawing of two otters hugging, with the words "You're my otter half" written in script

    14. A card that truly gets at the essence of romantic commitment.

    A white card with a drawing of an air puff with "Love is not having to hold your farts in"

    15. A Tiger King card, because of your love that was forged over Netflix marathon viewings.

    A white card with a drawing of a tiger and "I would never feed you to the tigers" in orange type

    16. A card for couples who have had at least one discussion about which one of you will be the designated zombie-killer in a Walking Dead-type situation.

    A card with a dark black ink abstract drawing, and the words "When the zombie apocalypse comes, I want to be by your side"

    17. A card that you can present to your Valentine while saying, "I know you wanted a ring this year, but remember what it did to Gollum?" Ha ha, I'm sure they'll find that HILARIOUS.

    A red card with a drawing of Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and the words "I love precious"

    18. A straightforward card, so you can celebrate that your relationship survived this experience (the interior is blank, in case you need to write out a detailed apology for how you acted while hangry).

    A white card with red hearts and the words "Thanks for always loving me, even when I get hangry" in black

    19. A charming card for the medical professional who has won your heart.

    A red card with black text, styled like an eye chart, that reads "I only have eyes for you"

    20. A card that gets straight to the point.

    A white card with succulent plants painted on it, and "You don't suck" in yellow-brown

    21. An app-related card, so you can celebrate the swipe that made you finally stop swiping.

    A pink card with an off-white heart and the words "I'd delete Tinder for you"

    22. A sarcastic card, because you're just not too sentimental about V-Day (plus, it comes with stickers to personalize the interior and envelope!)

    A black card with "Nothing says 'I love you' like a folded piece of card" in white

    23. A Schitt's Creek card for your Valentine who has excellent taste in TV.

    A white card featuring a drawing of David Rose from "Schitt's Creek," with pink hearts and the words "You're simply the best" in black type

    24. A card that combines your two passions: your partner and pizza.

    A white card with a drawing of a heart-shaped pizza, and "You have a pizza my heart" in handwriting-style type

    25. A card for your friend who's incredibly sweet (or who just loves any food that's essentially a sandwich made of candy).

    A full-color drawing of a s'more, with the words "I love you s'more every day" written in black

    26. A creepy pop-up card, so you can wish a spooky St. Valentine's to the loved one who always helps you get in touch with your inner Sanderson sister.

    27. A card that immortalizes that first Valentine's Day together, when you're like, "Wait, should I even get a card? Did you do that? Are we doing that??"

    A photo of a cat with the words "I kinda, sorta like you" in red and gold

    28. A card for couples who know the real secret of their relationship success.

    A white card that says "I know we are meant to be together because we both know that this is not a real holiday"

    29. A card that brings together the two best things in life: eternal love and Corgi butts.

    A drawing of a Corgi with a heart on its butt, with "I (heart) you" written around it

    30. A totally honest card, so you can let your love know that you truly are a hopeless romantic.

    A blue card that says "I definitely could not have tolerated me for this long" in white

    31. A card for the person you're glad to be an "us" with.

    Two drawings of cacti, with the words "Cact-u, cact-i, cact-us"

    32. A card that proves that love solves everything (except snoring, you need to buy those little nose strips for that).

    A white card that reads "I lie awake at night wondering how I got so lucky (and also because you snore)" in black type

    33. A Rihanna card so your loved one can know that your love shines bright like a diamond (but also, you do NOT have the money for a diamond, so they better be happy with this).

    A drawing of Rihanna on a white card, with "I Ri Ri Like You" written above it in black

    34. A card that shows how much you appreciate your loved one's willingness to be your personal electric blanket

    A blue card with a drawing of a pineapple and the words "Let's cuddle so I can steal your body heat"

    35. A card for the couple whose love language is sarcasm.

    A blue card that says "I will always love you (terms and conditions may apply)"

    36. A Queer Eye card that will help you say, "this relationship is absolutely shamazing."

    A blue card with a drawing of Tan France that says "You're the Tan to my French tuck"

    37. A card for couples where the Forensic Files is the third person in your relationship.

    38. A card featuring Big Mouth's Hormone Monstress, because declarations of love are even better when you imagine Maya Rudolph saying them.

    A drawing of the Hormone Monstress from "Big Mouth," saying "You are a tall drink of water and I am thirsty"

    39. A card that makes it clear that love is not a competition...but if it WAS, you'd totally win.

    A white card that says "I love you more, I win"

    40. A card for the friend who can always make you laugh (even when you're getting kicked out of a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens).

    A drawing of Fran Drescher with "Hey, Best Fran!" typed next to it

    41. A card that shows the lengths you're willing to go to for love.

    A beige card with a cartoon drawing of a jellyfish, and "If you got stung by a jellyfish, I would totally pee on you" written on it in black

    42. An extremely serious and dignified card, for reflecting on the many elements that make a great long-term commitment.

    A cartoon drawing of a butt, next to the words "Roses are red, foxes are clever, I like your butt, let me touch it forever"

    43. A cartoon dog card, because any message is better if it is communicated via cartoon dog.

    A white card with a cartoon of a pug wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, that says "I puggin' love you" in black type

    44. A card that shows that relationships are all about balance.

    A white card with a drawing of a red heart and "You make me smile, and also super horny but that's not the point" in black type

    Which card will you choo-choo-choose for your Valentine?

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