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    24 Pet Products From Amazon That Extra-Large Dog Owners Truly Love

    Everything your pup needs to live large (literally).

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    1. A reflective, waterproof, no-pull, no-choke harness with a handle, so you can keep your big baby close, or let them lead the way — whatever the situation calls for.

    A German shepherd/ rottweiler in the harness

    2. A memory foam mattress with a waterproof and machine-washable cover, for extra-large buddies who are dealing with joint pain, arthritis, or hip issues (or who just want to get super comfy).

    A Mastiff lying on the bed in gray

    3. A thick, hand-knit, 100% wool sweater, because even if they look tough, your short-haired pups get chilly in the winter.

    The sweater, which is gray, with white-and-red stripes around the neck and tail

    4. A sturdy, plastic indoor/outdoor dog bowl that can hold up to 106 ounces (!!!) of water or food, so you won't have to give your puppo a refill every five minutes.

    A dog eats from the large bowl

    5. A large, heavy-duty crate with single or double doors, for big pups who crave their "cave" space.

    The crate, which is made of metal but has a plastic insert across the bottom

    6. A lightweight telescoping ramp that only weighs 18 pounds but can support up to 300 pounds, so your pup can make their own way onto decks, stairs, cars, and wherever the action is (and by "action," I mean "snacks").

    A dog walks down the fully extended ramp, which is metal

    7. Or a set of freestanding steps for dogs up to 200 pounds, so even if they're recovering from injury or experiencing the pangs of aging, they can initiate cuddle time on the couch (or the bed!) whenever they want.

    A dog climbs the stairs, which have a textured, carpeted surface, to the bed

    8. An elevated dog bed that works indoors or outdoors, so your huge friendos can lounge wherever they like best.

    Two large dogs sit comfortably on the bed, which is elevated and has a metal frame

    9. A large dog slow feeder, because it pays to slow down — if your extra-large dogs takes extra-large gulps of their food, they might feel nauseous, get bloated, or even become sick.

    The slow feeder bowl, filled with food so that you can see the wave-like shapes that extend from the inner edges of the bowl, slowing eating

    10. A rubber stick chew toy so tough, it can withstand your big pupper's most aggressive nibbles.

    A Great Dane chews on the toy, which is a rubbery rod with rounded ends

    11. Or a super-durable rubber tug toy, because nothing will ruin large breed playtime like having your toy tear mid-tug.

    A German Shepherd with the toy, which is shaped like a figur 8

    12. A box of extra large, extra thick, extra absorbent training pads, for the big pup who's just getting potty trained, or has begun having the occasional age-related accident.

    The pad, which covers a large square of space

    13. A durable rope leash with a padded handle, so even if your best pal decides to bolt after an especially threatening squirrel, your hand won't get hurt or pinched.

    The leash in bright blue, with padded loop handle, metal clasp, and climbing-rope leash

    14. A large, easy-to-clean rake-and-bucket pooper scooper, for a low-contact way to clean up your pups's extra large...surprises in the yard.

    The pooper scooper set — a bucket on a stick, and a rake on a stick

    15. A collapsible travel bowl that holds up to 100 ounces of food or water, because no matter where you're traveling to, they definitely didn't leave their appetite at home.

    The bowl, which collapses flat and pops open, in green

    16. A lick mat that can keep your biggest little friend entertained, preventing boredom and anxiety.

    A dog licks the mat

    17. A foldable PVC pool with a drainage spout, because your humungous pals want to beat the summer heat as much as you do (also, depending on your dog's size, there might be room for you in here, too).

    The pool, which is large enough for German Shepherds to play with

    18. An indoor/outdoor shower wand, so you no longer have to struggle with pups who are bath-shy, or just don't realize how much water they're splashing (they truly do not know their own strength when it comes to tub time).

    A large dog taking a bath with the wand

    19. A vitamin for hip and joint support, because larger friends sometimes have more stress on their joints, which can lead to pain and slow them down.

    The vitamins, which come in a plastic canister with a screw-on top

    20. A Furminator grooming rake for Great Pyrenees and other big dogs with big shedding issues. The rake gently gathers up loose fur, removing it all at once (instead of strand by strand on your couch).

    21. A bag of wheat-and-soy-free large breed dry dog food with larger kibble, so your pup will literally have more to chew on.

    The dry dog food

    22. A gallon bottle of Rocco & Roxie pet stain-and-odor-remover, because a bigger dog can also mean bigger messes.

    23. A set of large breed nail clippers, so you can cut through thick nails quickly. Your big dog likely becomes a big baby as soon as the nail clippers come out, but these will shorten your manicure time.

    The clippers, which come with a nail file

    24. A set of hiking booties, for grande-sized pups who like to hit the trail. These booties protect from hot asphalt, sharp rocks, and other threats to your pal's precious paws.

    A dog wearing the booties, which go up to the ankle

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