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    28 Bestselling Products Under $50 On Amazon That Are Worth Your Money

    The last time $50 went this far, hair was big, clothing was neon-colored, and your parents were cool (I know, I can't believe it, either).

    In case you didn’t know, Amazon has a section featuring products that people are ~loving most~, aka their best-sellers. Here are some of the coolest and most useful things under $50 that are worth checking out:

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    1. A two-pack of satin pillow cases, because satin causes less friction than cotton—which means, sleep on this and you'll wake up with less hair breakage and fewer weird pillowcase creases on your face.

    The satin pillowcase in white

    2. A Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game, for families who are ready to try something new (that's also incredibly cute, silly, and taco-filled) for Game Night.

    The game's character cards

    3. A Hanes zip-up hoodie, because seriously, can you ever have too many hoodies?

    The hoodie in charcoal

    4. A slow feeder dog food bowl, for dogs who tend to scarf their meals (and feel gassy, bloated, or barfy afterwards). The bowl's unique shape forces your furry friend to take their time, preventing tummy troubles.

    The bowl, which has a normal round rim and a raised, maze-like shape in the middle, in purple

    5. A tub of CeraVe dry skin moisturizer, because if your skin gets dehydrated, itchy, and flaky, you need this. It is the only moisturizer that has ever helped me get a handle on my own sensitive, ultra-dry skin—ever since I started using it, I no longer get painful dry patches or peeling skin (ew, sorry).

    A tub of the moisturizer, which you scoop out with your finger

    6. A copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, so you and your friends can spend a very fun evening cutting each other off in traffic.

    The game case

    7. A waterproof, padded outdoor blanket with a built-in handle, because picnic/beach/just-generally-lazing-around-outside-with-a-refreshing-beverage season is upon us!

    The blanket, which is rectangular and striped

    8. A cat harness and leash set for indoor cats who like to take in the great outdoors every once in a while.

    A cat wearing the harness and leash

    9. An indoor security camera with night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio, so you can keep tabs on kids, pets, or any unusual activity while you're away—or just quadruple-check that you turned off the stove (relatable).

    10. A 68-inch outdoor splash pad, so your kids can have cool summer fun that doesn't require you to 1. struggle with a huge kiddie pool, 2. deal with crowds at the town pool, or 3. explain once again why it's not nice to throw the sprinkler at your brother.

    The splash pad, which is circular, and has streams of water that shoot out from various points around the rim of the pad

    11. A self-watering, aerating planter, for folks who travel frequently, have super-busy schedules, or just want to be plant parents but have yet to get the hang of the whole "remembering to water them" thing.

    The planter, which is plastic, and which has a small spout-like area where water is poured, which feeds into a reservoir at the planter's bottom, so that it can be evenly distributed to the plant

    12. A pair of cotton-blend exercise shorts that work for your favorite athletic activity (jogging, yoga, clicking through Netflix for two hours without actually picking a show, etc).

    The exercise shorts in dark gray

    13. A self-cleaning slicker pet brush, because you have way better things to do than sit around picking cat fur out of your brush bristles. Just press a button and the brush's bristles retract, leaving you with a compact piece of pet hair to discard (or knit into a sweater, I would never judge your hobbies).

    The brush with several removed piles of hair

    14. An Echo Dot smart speaker, so you can voice-control your music, and use Alexa to get news, set reminders, control other devices, and generally help you get your life together.

    The Dot, which is small, circular, and flat on its top and bottom

    15. A vegan acne patch that shrinks and heals zits overnight, because it's basically skincare witchcraft—and who doesn't want their own personal skincare witch? The patches use hydrocolloids to draw out the gunk in whiteheads and help your skin repair itself quickly.

    A woman wearing the patch on her cheek

    16. A ring size adjuster, so you can finally wear those cute-yet-enormous rings you scored at that tag sale. Just slide the silicon adjuster around the bottom of your ring, and you'll have a closer fit.

    The ring size adjuster, which is clear, thin, and wraps around the bottom of your ring

    17. A vinyl copy of Harry Styles' Fine Lines that comes with a free MP3 copy, so whether you're a vinyl fanatic or just like they way the covers look propped up on your bookshelf, you can still get your "Watermelon Sugar."

    18. A V-neck wrap dress you can just throw on, but looks 1000 times cuter than the usual kinds of dresses you just throw on.

    The dress in blue and white polka dot

    19. A leak-proof, bento-style lunch box with five food and condiment compartments, so you and your kiddos don't have to mess around with plastic baggies, single-serving food packages with hard-to-open tops, or Tupperware that inevitably gets left at school.

    20. A four-pack of Alexa and Google Home-compatible smart plugs that will allow you to turn lights, stereos, or any other appliance on and off with your voice or the app. Plus, you can use them to schedule appliances (i.e. set your coffee maker to begin brewing coffee right when you wake up, so you don't have to deal with the "too tired to make my coffee" dilemma).

    The plug, which goes directly into the outlet, and the appliance plugs into it

    21. An elevated, indoor/outdoor cooling pet bed, so you can help your furry friend chill out in the summer months. The bed raises your pets more that seven inches off the floor, putting them above the warmest air in the house.

    A dog on the bed, which has a metal frame with mesh fabric stretched across it

    22. A pair of vegan ballet flats that come in literally every color and go with literally everything.

    The ballet flats in black

    23. A hardcover copy of The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country by Biden inauguration poet Amanda Gorman, with a foreword by Oprah, because it's the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, new graduates, or anyone who still tears up a little bit remembering January 20th.

    The book, which has a bright yellow cover with red design flourishes

    24. A combination brush/hair dryer that will help you cut your morning getting-ready time in half. What will you do with all that extra free time? Take up crocheting? Run for office? Start a super-successful Twitch channel and quit your job to play Among Us full-time? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

    Three images of a woman using the brush/dryer—air blows through the center of a round brush

    25. A four-piece set of deep-pocket sheets, so you won't ever again wake up to find that your mortal enemy, the fitted sheet, has rolled off the edges of your bed.

    26. An ultra-thin wireless charger, so you can just plop your phone down the second you get in the door instead of futzing with cables.

    27. A package of scented, leak-proof pet waste bags, because even though there's no way to make carrying dog poop dignified, this is the closest you're gonna get.

    A roll of the pet waste bags

    28. An Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k streaming device that comes with all the fixings, including the ability to access all your favorite streaming channels in 4k ultra HD, Alexa Voice Remote capacity, and a remote with power, volume, and mute buttons, so you'll never have to juggle three remotes (and constantly pick up the wrong one) ever again.

    The Fire Stick remote, which has volume, power, and voice control buttons

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