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    31 Best-Selling Pieces Of Furniture From Wayfair That Are Inexpensive *And* Super Versatile

    No matter whether you live in an industrial loft, cozy cottage, or supervillain's lair deep beneath the Arctic, you'll want this furniture.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mid-century-style tufted convertible sofa that folds down into a lounger or a sleeper bed, so you don't have to choose between great interior design and making Aunt Louise sleep on the floor.

    2. A column floor lamp with built-in shelving, so you can store books, display collectibles, and spice up your room without installing bulky shelving.

    The lamp, which has an open rectangular base with three shelves, topped with a rectangular light

    3. A geometric trestle coffee table, because you need style and storage, and this has a sleek glass top, retro design touches, four open cubby areas, and two hidden side drawers.

    The table, which is white and solid, with four cubbies in the center topped with glass, and a brown-toned wood base

    4. A sophisticated, glass-topped dining table for six that will fit into any modern dining room.

    The table, which has a flat glass top, and trestled wooden bottom

    5. A minimalist desk that combines farmhouse and industrial chic, with simple distressed wood shelving, exposed metal desk legs, and open storage areas.

    The desk, which has a solid wood writing desk area, and two levels of small shelves built into the metal desk legs on the right side

    6. A Kelly Clarkson Home square tufted ottoman with nailhead trim tufting, and wheels so you can fulfill all your Marie Antoinette design fantasies while also enjoying modern innovations.

    The ottoman, which is large, square, and has carved wooden legs that end in roller wheels

    7. A rustic wood lift-top coffee table, because the lid doesn't just reveal the table's interior storage space; it can also be used as a desk/ tray, to lessen back strain while you eat or work.

    8. An oval end table, for any bedroom, living room, bathroom, or other spot crying out for some shabby chic.

    The table, which has an oval body with one drawer, four legs, and an oval shelf near the bottom of the structure

    9. A barrel chair that works equally well for cozy reading time, home theater marathons, and a relaxing evening playing Zoom Scrabble.

    The chair in orange, which has small legs, a wide seat, arm rests, and a rounded back

    10. A corner bookcase, so even the smallest apartments can get some extra stylish storage space.

    A tripod bookshelf with 5 triangular shelves that get smaller farther up the shelf, designed to fit in a corner

    11. A minimalist five-drawer dresser, because there is literally no end to the kinds of items you can store inside these smooth-front, handle-less drawers: clothes, linens, craft supplies, dog toys, that toilet paper you've been stockpiling...

    The dresser, which has drawers with smooth, handle-less front panels

    12. A fluffy bean bag chair with memory foam, so it'll support you instead of sagging. Plus, the cover has a handle, so moving it around the house is easier, less awkward, and less likely to end in an "owww, my back" moment.

    The bean bag in gray, which can comfortably seat a teenager or smaller adult

    13. A farmhouse-style entertainment console with six shelves worth of storage space and sliding barn doors, because the only thing better than having all your gaming and video equipment in one place is not having to look at it.

    The console in brown, with an open middle area and sliding barn doors on either side which can move to reveal more shelving

    14. A wood and rice paper shoji-style room divider that can be used to split up work-from-home areas, provide structure in a studio apartment, or hide whatever you'd rather not stare at all day (litter boxes, furnaces, crafts projects you started six months ago but are seriously never going to finish).

    The screen, which has four panels, each divided into many small rectangles by wood framing

    15. A low bed frame with attached tufted headboard, so you can give any bedroom a chic, pulled together, boutique-hotel-style vibe.

    The bed frame, which is upholstered, in gray, with a tall tufted headboard and nailhead trim

    16. A set of four scoop-back, upholstered side chairs, for when you want to bring a pop of vintage style to your dining room, living room, or wherever you just need a few more seats.

    The chairs, which have scoop backs, no arm rests, and pin legs

    17. A mid-century-styled bookcase, because your collectibles will all look just a little bit cooler displayed on these geometric, honeycomb-style shelves.

    The bookcase, which has four small slanted legs, and a rectangular body with three shelves—two of them are divided into two compartments, while one is divided into three compartments

    18. A loveseat with flared arms and microsuede upholstery that adds an elegant touch to almost any design scheme.

    The seat, which has space for two people to sit on it

    19. A writing desk with angular shelves and built-in storage drawers (including a file drawer) that's basically an all-in-one home office.

    20. An armoire with shelving and hanging space for homes without much closet space (or homes with plenty of closet space, that happen to all already be extremely full).

    The armoire, which has two large doors with silver handles

    21. An upholstered bench with a flip-top for storage, so you can stow toys, blankets, or whatever needs to be stored, in an extremely stylish way.

    22. A pair of vintage-style nightstands with farmhouse design touches, drawers, and open storage, because you need to store all your essentials in your nightstand, and you have a lot of essentials.

    The nightstand in brown, which has a large drawer near the top, and an open storage shelf near the bottom

    23. A stainless-steel daybed frame with scrollwork details that can be used as a guest bed, a couch, a nap zone, or just a place to get comfy and watch Selling Sunset for five hours.

    The bed frame, in white, which has three elevated sides with scroll work, a slatted bottom, and metal legs

    24. A pair of floating wooden shelves in neutral colors, for spaces that could use a little decor, but not a full bookshelf or curio cabinet.

    The floating shelves, in brown, which are long, rectangular, and anchored in the wall with invisible hardware

    25. A retro, mid-century-style sideboard with two levels of shelving that can hold dishes, toys, board games, or anything else you desperately need to clean up off the floor.

    The sideboard, which has wood paneled doors, white sides and top, and slim metal handles

    26. A floor lamp for anyone looking to give their home a hint of industrial, steampunk chic. Plus, that pulley system isn't decorative — it can raise and lower the height of the bulb, making it a perfect match for any desk or reading chair.

    The lamp, which has a metal shade, and three pulleys used to adjust the height of the bulb

    27. A brightly colored end table, so you can have a pop of color in your bedroom, living room, or any room that's a little meh.

    The table, which has two slim drawers near the top, and an open storage shelf near the bottom

    28. A waterproof credenza pet crate that blends seamlessly with your decor, creating extra storage space on top, and a safe place for your pet to sleep at night or chill while you're running errands below.

    29. An entryway storage bench with nine hooks, two shelves, and a wooden bench — so you'll never have to look for a place to hang your coat, stow your umbrellas, or sit while you put on those awkward lace-up boots ever again.

    The bench, which has two wire shelves for shoes, a wooden bench seat for sitting or storing, and a raised area with 9 coat/ hat hooks

    30. A cable knit pouf that can be used as an ottoman, as a child's seat, or just as a design element in your groovy boho living room.

    The pouf, in yellow, which is round, and has a cable-knit texture

    31. A sleek, geometric, glass-topped bar cart with wine bottle and wine glass holders, multiple storage levels, and locking wheels, so you can move it to the porch when you have guests, wheel it into the living room for a Friday night in, and stow it away when party time is over.

    The bar cart, which has 3 levels, holds 4 wine bottles and 8 wine glasses

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