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    15 Products From Amazon That Reviewers Swear Help With Soap Scum

    Cleaning products so powerful, you'll literally forget what soap scum even is after using them. It'll be like Eternal Sunshine, but for your bathroom.

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    1. A nontoxic tub and tile cleaner, so you can remove soap scum and mineral deposits without harsh, stinky chemicals (and the hours-long headaches they inevitably create).

    2. A jetted tub cleaner that's specifically designed to remove soap scum and other crud from inside your tub or Jacuzzi's jets. You don't even have to scrub — just pour the cleaner in a full tub, run the jets for 15 minutes, and come back to see all the actual disgusting gunk that the cleaner has removed from THE TUB WHERE YOU CLEAN YOUR NUDE, VULNERABLE BODY.

    A reviewer photo of the tub cleaner, which makes the water frothy and discolored with the dirt removed from the jets

    3. A drill brush kit, so you never again have to totally wreck your elbows scrubbing away at ye olde scum. Instead, snap one of the kit's three brushes to your electric drill, and let it go to town on your bathroom stains in a way you never could.

    4. Or a handheld, battery-powered power scrubber with three different scrub heads, for folks who might not want to wield a drill in the shower, but still want to send their soap scum on a permanent vacation.

    A reviewer photo of the scrubber, which resembles a large electric toothbrush

    5. A package of multi-surface wipes that clean off all your soap scum and tub-related nastiness, so you don't have to destroy a sponge every time you clean the shower. And they don't only work in your bathroom—they can also attack grease, permanent marker, oil, nail polish and even that gross sticky residue that stickers can leave on a surface.

    A reviewer photo of the wipes, which come in a cylindrical container

    6. A three-spray shower door cleaning set, because you don't just want to clean off that scum — you want to keep it from ever mucking up the joint again. The first spray helps remove soap scum, the second creates a water-repellent seal on your shower door, and the third helps you keep up with daily cleaning.

    7. A spray-on cleansing foam for folks who are never quite sure how long they should let cleaning products sit before wiping them up. This foam actually changes color, from blue to white, to let you know when it's fully penetrated your soap scum and shower goo.

    8. A Clorox cleaning foam that disinfects with bleach while cleaning, so you can remove soap scum, mold, and mildew, and kill germs all at once. That counts as multi-tasking, and yes, you can add it as a skill on your resume.

    A spray bottle of the cleaner

    9. A shower squeegee, so you can remove all the excess water and soap from your walls after you shower, preventing soap scum from even appearing in the first place. It also comes with waterproof adhesive hooks, so you can hang it right in the shower for easy access.

    A reviewer photo of the squeegee mounted on its hook in the shower

    10. A low-scrub soap scum-removing spray, because you have better things to do than spend all day scrubbing. Just spray it on your glass, acrylic, or other materials, and let that grossness melt away.

    11. A nontoxic, bleach-free cleaning paste that will not only blast through your soap scum, but can actually be used to clean anything from cooking ranges to patio furniture to cement (!).

    The paste, which comes in a tub

    12. A shower spray for natural stones like marble, granite, limestone and travertine, so no matter what your tub is made of, it can be SPAAAAH-KLING and scum-free.

    The bottle of spray

    13. A set of 12 chemical-free, soap scum-removing sponges that won't scratch up your tub. The flip side of each sponge also has an "eraser" that will remove stains from surfaces.

    Model using the blue and white sided sponge to clean a shower door

    14. A bottle of biodegradable, cruelty-free daily shower cleaning spray, so you can prevent future soap scum. And you don't even have to scrub anything — just spray it after your shower or bath every day and let it chill.

    15. Or a weekly shower cleaning spray, for folks who also want to prevent soap scum, but honestly just won't remember to spray their shower or tub every day.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.