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    29 Pet Products On Amazon That Already Have Thousands Of Reviews For Being Incredibly Helpful

    Tough chew toys, snuggly beds, and fascinating toys that have improved the lives of literally thousands of pets (and their humans, too).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A plush, machine-washable donut bed with raised sides that provide a soothing, secure feeling for your small pet, so they can reach new heights of snuggliness every night.

    The dog bed, which is small, and made of a shaggy, faux-fur-style material

    2. A natural rubber squeaky chew toy for aggressive chewers who tend to demolish their new playthings in hours — this squeaking wonder can take a real licking (and a biting).

    The toy, which is like a stumpy stick, with large flat ends, and knobs on the four long sides of the toy

    3. A set of lightweight, bouncing Jackson Galaxy cat toys, so your favorite feline can indulge their primal instinct to chase tiny things.

    The balls, which are hollow and have an open design, so that you could poke a finger straight through the ball

    4. An American Kennel Club calming coat, because travel, vet visits, loud storms, fireworks, and just being separated from you can stress your buddy out, but this coat's gentle pressure will help them feel soothed.

    The vest, which wraps around the dogs upper shoulders and belly, leaving their front paws and rear body free

    5. A cat hammock with two built-in scratching posts and an attached ball toy on a string, so your kitty can discover something they love even more than ruining your couch.

    The hammock, which has a carpeted base, two scratching post pillars, and a soft hammock hanging between the top of the two posts

    6. A rake-and-bin pooper scooper set with a 32-inch-handle, because loving your dog doesn't mean you also have to love getting up-close-and-personal with their poo.

    The scooper kit, which has a small bucket on a long swivel handle, and a rake on a similar handle

    7. A durable, floating Chuckit! Ultra Ball that will allow any puppo to enjoy countless games of fetch, without the "dirty, slimy, extremely gross tennis ball" feeling.

    The ball, which is orange and blue, with a textured rubber surface

    8. And a Chuckit! ball launcher with a 26-inch handle, so you can throw balls farther (more fun for them) and scoop balls up without leaning down and putting strain on your back (more fun for you).

    The thrower, which is a long blue handle, with a curved cup at the bottom that holds the ball

    9. A small animal habitat for the guinea pig, hedgehog, or other teeny furry friend who loves space and variety. The habitat measures 8 square feet with a ramp, a removable top, an easy-to-clean removable PVC liner, and dividers between play and litter areas. It can even be combined with other habitats to make an ultra-sized play space.

    The habitat, which has wire mesh walls, a ramp, and dividers

    10. An airtight pet food storage container, so you can prevent pests (and pets!) from doing any unauthorized snacking, and keep your dry pet food safe from moisture-related spoilage.

    Two of the containers, which have a square body, a circular opening for inserting/ removing food, and may be stacked on top of each other

    11. An elegant 80-ounce pet water fountain, because animals are more likely to drink the water they need to stay properly hydrated when it's flowing.

    The fountain, which has an arched spout which shoots water in an arc towards the bowl at the fountain's bottom

    12. A dishwasher-safe Outward Houund slow feeder bowl that will help slow down your pup's eating time, preventing bloating, overeating, digestion problems, and the always unpleasant "scarf-and-barf."

    Three styles of bowls—flower, spiral, and maze

    13. An Outward Hound dog life vest in high-visibility orange, for dogs at all swim levels who love boat rides or playing in the water.

    The life vest, which goes over the back with a head hole like a dog sweater, and is secured across the belly with straps

    14. A natural-formula stain and odor eliminating spray that will remove any sign of pet waste or odor from carpet, fabric, hardwood, tile, and even upholstery.

    15. A container of Greenies Dental Treat for cats, because they'll help clean your feline's teeth, reduce tartar, and eliminate stanky breath—all while your cat just thinks they're getting a delicious treat. A stroke of chicken-flavored genius!

    16. A case of leakproof, lavender-scented doggy waste bags, so you can make dog doo duty a little more pleasant (hey, we didn't say "pleasant," we said "more pleasant").

    The bag roll

    17. A hanging ladder and hideaway toy for small to medium birds who appreciate having some personal space.

    The hideaway, which is round with a round entry hole, and has a rope-and-wood ladder hanging from the entry hole

    18. A container of alcohol-free pet ear cleaning wipes, because degunkifying your pal's ears today will prevent ear infections tomorrow.

    The pad cleaning the external part of a dog's ear

    19. A natural paw balm that will soothe and heal cracked, dry paws, and is totally safe if your pet starts licking it off (which, I mean, will almost definitely happen).

    20. A machine-washable fleece pullover sweater for small dogs that doesn't require straps or Velcro — just slip it over their head and prepare to get cozy.

    The fleece, which has two wide arm holes, a high neck, and is open around the bottom area

    21. A soft silicone grooming glove, so you can massage away your dog or cat's loose fur, instead of wrangling them for a brushing.

    22. A USB-powered laser toy that switches on and off automatically every three hours, so your cat can stay entertained all day long, even when you're away

    23. A pet stain and odor spray especially formulated for cleaning small animal cages, with no heavy smells that will irritate your tiniest friendos.

    The cleaner, which comes in a spray bottle

    24. A dome litterbox that gives your cat more privacy and lessens odor and litter scatter.

    The litter box, which is a dome with a circular entry hole for the cat to enter

    25. A durable Kong Extreme rubber ball for power chewers, so your games of fetch don't have to be slowed down by worries that your pupster will gnaw the ball apart.

    A dog chasing the ball in mid-air

    26. A large, sherpa-lined pet bed that uses a Mylar interior layer to hold onto your little bud's natural body heat, because who couldn't use a little extra help staying warm in the winter?

    The bed, which is round, corduroy on the outside, and lined in sherpa-style faux wool

    27. A pair of dog and cat nail scissors with a safety guard, because just trying to get your pet to sit still for a nail trim is nerve-wracking enough on its own without worrying about over-cutting.

    The nail scissors

    28. A soft, airline-approved cat and small dog carrier that has three entrances, a strap to attach to seat belts in cars, and an interior leash hook to prevent your little Houdini from performing any daring escapes.

    The carrier, which is rectangular, with mesh on the front, back, and side so the pet can see out

    29. A foldable small pet stroller with zippable mesh windows, so no one has to get left out of adventure time (yes, going around the block counts as an adventure).

    The stroller, which has swivel wheels and a hooded area for pets

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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