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    31 Gorgeous Things From Wayfair That Are Practically One-And-Done Solutions To Redecorating

    Less time redecorating means more time to fixate on the cast list for Knives Out 2 (or, you know, whatever your hobby is).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Novogratz metal canopy bed frame with Art Deco flourishes that will make you feel like home design royalty.

    The bed frame, which has rails at headboard and footboard placement, and four canopy columns that meet in a circle over the middle of the bed, in gold

    2. A color-block tripod end table, so you can pump some energy into your greige living room decor.

    A reviewer image of the table, which has four splayed legs and a circular top with a slightly raised edge around the rim, in yellow

    3. An acrylic area rug with an abstract design that really ties the whole room together.

    The rug, which has a blue and white wave/ inkstain-type print

    4. A globe floor lamp with a midcentury vibe and a foot switch, so you can be stylish and lazy at the same time. Living the dream, friend!

    The lamp, which has a small, metallic circular base, a long, thin stem, and a rounded, white globe top

    5. A large, round accent mirror that will make your room brighter, airier and more modern. Not bad for a piece of polished metal, right?

    A reviewer photo of the mirror with gold frame, hung on a hallway wall

    6. A roll of bold, diamond-print peel-and-stick wallpaper, so you can instantly change the look of any room in the house (and then instantly change it back if/when you get tired of it).

    A reviewer image of a bathroom that has been decorated with the wall paper, which is white with blue overlapping diamond outlines

    7. A tripod floor lamp with a drum shade that will light up your life (and also your room).

    The lamp, which has three brass legs that meet together at the top, beneath a white drum shade

    8. A set of two machine-washabale, floor-sweeping curtain panels with an ultra-contemporary abstract stripe-and-dot pattern, so you can easily freshen up a room that looks stale or old-fashioned.

    A reviewer photo of the curtains, which are white with blue vertical stripes segments that alternate vertically with segments with mustard yellow dots

    9. A velvet scalloped chair that creates instant retro glam style anywhere you put it.

    The chair, which has a scalloped seat and back, in light pink

    10. A set of two wicker-and-metal indoor/outdoor papasan chairs with tripod bases, so you can bring a modern earthiness to any room.

    11. A pattern-block pillow cover that combines trendy navy-and-white stripes with faux leather, making any couch look way more modern (even if you inherited it from your sister, who inherited it from your mom, who inherited from...)

    A reviewer photo of the pillow cover, which is rectangular

    12. A retro Novogratz rug with a '70s Scandinavian wave design, for a look that's [extremely Matthew McConaughey voice] alright, alright, alright.

    The rug, which has an S-shaped wave pattern, in blue, green, and white

    13. An elegant tufted velvet barrel chair in a gold-tone frame that will literally make you feel like you live in a luxury hotel. You're like Eloise, only you also have Netflix! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

    The chair, which has a "U"-shaped gold-tone metal base that connects to the velvet barrel seat, in aqua

    14. A wooden farmhouse coffee table with open storage and metalwork detailing, so you can make any room 40% more industrial chic.

    A reviewer photo of the rectangular table, which has a wooden top and lower open storage panel, and black metal legs and "x" bracing on either short end of the table

    15. A hanging Sputnik chandelier that will add just the right levels of midcentury Mad Men vibes.

    16. A super-bright, stain-resistant area rug, so even the darkest, most light-deprived rooms can get a little more pep in their step (yes, rooms have steps, how many times do I have to explain this?).

    A reviewer photo of the rug in yellow

    17. A two-tone TV stand with midcentury flair that features closed cabinet space and two open shelves to organize all your very modern clutter.

    18. A locker-style iron end table with two shelves, so you can add a sense of fun and play to an otherwise bland room.

    The end table, which has a hinged, forward-swinging door like a locker, in mint green

    19. A French country-esque pedestal table that will give your room a pop of color and a place to put your coffee. Win-win!

    The table, which has a round base and surface, and a spindle column

    20. A tufted cocktail ottoman with nailhead trim, open storage and castor wheels so you can roll this bit of modern farmhouse wherever it is needed.

    A reviewer photo of the ottoman in beige

    21. A square-arm velvet sleeper sofa that folds down into a bed so you don't have to choose between midcentury glam and making your mom sleep on the floor when she visits.

    The couch, which has square arms and back, in pink

    22. A mid-century-styled flared arm loveseat with tufting and splayed legs. It's stylish and also a very comfy place to put your butt.

    A reviewer photo of the loveseat in blue

    23. A wood-topped coffee table with a geometric cage-style metal frame, for some instant rustic-industrial vibes.

    The table, which has a circular, brown, wooden top, and a geometric, cage-style metal base

    24. An etagere bookcase with a crown arched top and open sides and back. You can use this to fully display all your treasures (books, photos, that weird seashell you found at the beach that kind of looks like a corgi, etc.).

    The bookshelf, which has five wooden shelves on an open metal frame, with an arched crown flourish on top

    25. A trestle coffee table that has a '60s mod sensibility but totally modern design flourishes, including two drawers and four convenient built-in nooks to store remotes, controllers, or anything else you don't feel like leaving on top.

    A reviewer photo of the table in white

    26. A glam velvet wingback chair because you need a little luxe in your life (and your living room).

    A reviewer image of the chair in purple

    27. A set of three dangling, geometric mirrors that can be hung together or apart to help brighten up your room, make it look larger, or just help you check for poppy seeds in your teeth (all worthy undertakings).

    The three mirrors, each of which are diamond-shaped and hang from a long chain

    28. A Kelly Clarkson Home distressed-finish nine-drawer wooden dresser for people looking to combine their love of French country decor with their love of not having their clothes in piles on the floor.

    A reviewer photo of the dresser, which has arched black metal handles, in gray

    29. A super-dramatic upholstered bed with a tufted headboard that will make you feel like you are the sexy villain in a nighttime soap. Yes, it is THAT luxe-looking!

    A reviewer photo of the bed in gray

    30. A bright two-drawer end table/nightstand, so you can create some easy visual drama in your room.

    The table, which has two drawers and a platform for open storage

    31. A sleek velvet ottoman that merges contemporary design with Art Deco style so you can show off your great taste and finally stop resting your feet on the coffee table.

    A reviewer photo of the ottoman, which is plush and velvet-y on the top and bottom with a metallic band in the middle, in gray

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