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    16 Unique Ideas To Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Space

    Hopefully these (not hugely) simple but unique ideas will inspire you to get outside, look at your poor excuse for a yard and do something about it!

    1. Have a centre piece

    A nice seating area (or plant if you have a green thumb) offers a great visual feature piece that will stand out.

    2. Add a sheltered dining and recreation area


    You’ll be able to spend more time outdoors with a veranda or patio and have space to entertain your guests during the summer.

    3. Add some elevation

    Experts say steps or platforms can visually separate your yard and create the illusion of more space.

    4. Build an in-ground swimming pool

    Nothing spells luxury like a sparkling swimming pool in the centre of your outdoor dwelling.

    5. Install a frog pond


    Okay, so an in-ground swimming pool is a little out of your budget and you're not quite ready to sacrifice your yard's aesthetics for a plastic wading pool. A pond complete with colourful fish is a great visual feature in any garden. Hide any plastic piping or filters by surrounding the pond with lush plants, flowers and garden decorations.

    6. Introduce a bird bath

    Not enough space for a swimming pool or a pond? Installing a bird bath is a great idea even if your outdoor space is a balcony. You may even be lucky enough to attract a few birds (of the feathered variety).

    7. Outdoor table tennis

    For those who "don't do plants" you can always bond with guests over a game of table tennis (and if you're under 25 this will most likely evolve into beer pong).

    8. Build a treehouse

    9. Build a less elaborate treehouse

    10. Set up a hammock

    11. Make your own lamps

    12. DIY bench

    13. Add a calming element

    The sounds of trickling water are soothing and create a relaxing outdoor environment.

    14. Make your own plant hangers

    15. Create rock art

    16. Think outside the box when showcasing your plants