16 Unique Ideas To Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Hopefully these (not hugely) simple but unique ideas will inspire you to get outside, look at your poor excuse for a yard and do something about it!

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5. Install a frog pond


Okay, so an in-ground swimming pool is a little out of your budget and you're not quite ready to sacrifice your yard's aesthetics for a plastic wading pool. A pond complete with colourful fish is a great visual feature in any garden. Hide any plastic piping or filters by surrounding the pond with lush plants, flowers and garden decorations.

6. Introduce a bird bath

Not enough space for a swimming pool or a pond? Installing a bird bath is a great idea even if your outdoor space is a balcony. You may even be lucky enough to attract a few birds (of the feathered variety).

7. Outdoor table tennis

For those who "don't do plants" you can always bond with guests over a game of table tennis (and if you're under 25 this will most likely evolve into beer pong).

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