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6 Creepy Myths And Legends That Have Survived To This Day

Read on if you dare...

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The Toborochi Tree

Where: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The Aña, or spirits of the darkness do not like humans. This legend begins with the beautiful wife of the God Colibri, Araverá who was pregnant with a son who was said to one day overthrow them. And so, in keeping with the evil spirit disposition they decided to kill her.

With the help of a her husband, Araverá fled from the village, but the spirits followed her and attacked her wherever they found her hiding. Frightened, she decided to hide in the trunk of a Toborochi tree where she gave birth to her son. The boy grew up and fulfilled the prophecy, avenging his mother who remained inside the tree until she died. Forever buried in the amphora-shaped trunk of a Toborochi, Araverá sometimes presents herself in the shape of a beautiful flower.

The Evil Bird

Where: Peru

In the province of Cañete, the ancient belief is that a black bird lands and sings on the roof of a house is announcing the death of whoever lives inside.

Historically, birds have symbolised both the soul of the dead and a deity in various cultures. Birds are also associated with birth in other cultures which claim that a person's soul arrived on earth in bird form. A remnant of this ancient belief has survived into modern times, such as the traditional folklore of a stork bringing a baby to its parents.

The Llama's Warning

Where: Peru

A man took his llama to a fine place for feeding, but the beast was afraid and refused to eat. When the man asked why he was so afraid, it replied that in five days the sea would rise and engulf the earth, killing all who live on it.

Alarmed, the man asked if there was any way to escape death, and the llama advised him to go to the top of a high mountain, Villa-Coto, bringing with him food for five days. When they reached the summit of the mountain there were other birds and animals already there. When the sea rose, the water came so near that it washed the tail of a fox, which is said to have turned the foxes' tails black. Rain fell for five days, leaving only this one man alive. Peruvians believed the present human race to be descended from him.

Dunure Castle

Where: Scotland.

In 1570 Dunure Castle was in the power of the 4th Earl of Cassillis, who was a greedy man with a fiery temper. When the King appointed one Alan Stewart as the lay commendator, this allowed him to gain control over the land. The Earl was not happy with his land being taken away, and so had Stewart kidnapped and imprisoned into the Black Vault. He was roasted on a spit over a fire, until he agreed to give land back to the Earl.

It is said that on certain dark nights, hideous shrieks can be heard, the sounds of Stewart roasting alive deep within the Black Vault.

The Ghost of Lavinia Fisher

Where: South Carolina, USA

John and Lavinia Fisher owned an inn called the Six Mile House outside of Charleston, South Carolina. There were rumors however, that sometimes guests checked in and did not check out.

One night a fur trader named John Peoples stopped at the inn to say and was warmly greeted by the Fishers.

Throughout the night People’s grew suspicious and decided to get out of the bed and sit facing the door so he could see if anyone came in. His suspicions were confirmed when a trapdoor under the bed sprung open, as the bed fell into the cellar where John was waiting with an axe. Peoples escaped and hurried back to Charleston to inform the police. John and Lavinia were arrested and the inn was searched. Human remains were found, including many bodies in a lime pit under the trap door. The Fishers were convicted of murder and sentenced to hang.

Lavinia’s ghost is now said to haunt the Old Jail on Magazine Street in Charleston as well as the Unitarian Cemetary. While the ghost theory is questionable, the murders were real.

The Toilet Ghost

Where: Japan

If you're someone who doesn't look in the toilet before you sit on it, this myth may change that.

According to the legend, whoever dares walk to the third stall in the girls' bathroom and knocks three times asking "are you there, Hanako-san?", will hear her answer "I'm here". She may also ask things like "where are my legs?" and the wrong answer is said to have horrific consequences.

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