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7 Best Hair Straighteners

In this article, we present 10 hair straighteners ( mostly bestsellers ) that in our view are highly recommended. Wow, the kind of plates we would recommend to a friend or little sister. We have not tried to list the best plates of the world, but we believe they have a better quality/price ratio. We have tried that mostly are medium-range plates and look for good value for money. If you are looking for more professional boards we recommend you to take a look at the article where we compare and analyze all GHD irons, more advanced models. On the other hand, if reading the article you have questions about technical issues that we discussed (materials of the plates, the width of these, what an ionizer ...) You know that we have written the best guide plates hair, right?

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Karmin G3 Salon Pro

A brand that I do not know if many and many will know but that is also becoming known in recent times. Like some of the other plates we've included, it straddles the middle segment and professional, although with a quite adequate price for all budgets. We have been following them closely for some time and are getting very good opinions, basically by:

* Floating ceramic plates and pure tourmaline

* Temperature adjustable from 120 to 240ºC

* Include an ionizer to "bathe" our mane of negative ions

* Auto power off after one hour of inactivity

Remington S9500 Pearl

And some of you will be thinking: Do you really give the first place to a brand other than GHD, Coriliss, Karmin ...? Yes, for a very simple reason: the great value they have these plates . They are the best hair straighteners on the market, and its results are "spectacular" but ... Perhaps you can get something better for this price? If someone finds it, let us know!

* Ceramic coating plates with pearl particles mounted on floating plates

* Temperature adjustable by LCD, from 150 to 235ºC

* Reaches operating temperature in 10s

Corioliss C2 Soft Touch Black

Secondly, we have the C2 model of the Corioliss brand. (Did not you know them yet? Their plates become more celebrated with each passing day.) It is a booming brand that is not being reported by expensive advertising campaigns, but by the quality of its products and word of mouth. Its star model, the C2, stands out for:

* Titanium tilting plates with silver particles

* It reaches 210ºC in the 20s, adjustable through its screen

* Incorporates an ionizer to remove static electricity from the hair and get better results

* A hair irons are initially designed for professionals, but they are having well received private

* Average rating of 9.2 / 10 at the time of writing.

GHD V Gold Professional Styler

And until the fourth place you do not make a GHD appear ?, you will ask some. You are right. We know we are great some plates but its high price has made not wanted to place on the podium on our list. As we have already said, we wanted to reward those with good value for money.

With that said, it is noteworthy that the results of the HDG are generally better than those of its competitors. But it is normal and predictable, are plates that we could consider within the professional segment and that are in another price league. By the way, you want to know more of them, we have a thorough comparison of all the GHD irons.

The strengths of this model:

* High quality ceramic coated aluminum floating plates (high heat conductivity)

* They are inherited (and processing) of famous and superventions GHD IV .

* They work at an optimal and constant temperature of 185ºC

Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensocare

Fifth is Braun. Mainly why they have the most technologically advanced iron market at an exceptional price. Leading technology with which results can be obtained that have little to envy to those of the professional plates. What does this technology consist of?

* It has integrated moisture sensors that analyze the hair 20 times per second and adjust the temperature to the optimum level (Sensocare technology)

* You do not have to worry about the temperature or the possibility of damaging your hair

* High quality ceramic floating plates

* Gentlemen, ladies: it has a 9.2 / 10 based on more than 200 views at time of writing.

* He has an older sister who, besides all this, incorporates an ionizer for a little more money.

Ga.Ma CP3 Ceramic Nano Tourmaline Laser-Ion

Ga.Ma is an Italian brand specialized in hair care, although it is not very well known in Spain, it is in the rest of European countries. The plates we highlight here, for their characteristics, can easily rank in the professional segment and, in fact, is a pretty model used by stylists. What strengths do these hair irons have?

* Ceramic tiles with tourmaline, with Tourmlaine Crystal Coating treatment that considerably improves the finish of the material

* Ionizer that, added to the tourmaline, ensure great finishes by providing large amount of negative ions

* Temperature adjustable from 150 to 220 ° C per LCD

* Reaches operating temperature within seconds

Remington Keratin Therapy S8590

Other Remington to the list! For its price and quality, we could not resist removing them from us ... This model, however, is specifically created for women with a more sensitive or damaged hair . They carry a keratin treatment that makes them especially careful with hair , and a heat sensor protection that prevents any part of the plates were hot over the bill and damaged hair. In addition, they also include:

* Ceramic floating plates treated with keratin

* Temperature adjustable between 160 and 230 ° C

* They reach the operating temperature in about 15s

* Remington estimates that they are 57% more careful with their hair than their other models

* They have an average score of 9.2 / 10 as of this writing.

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