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15 Struggles Of Being An Only Child

It’s National Only Child Day and I’m reliving my childhood.

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1. Wanting to play, but having no one to play with.

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One of the saddest parts of being an only child. You always had to play alone (and let's be real--you probably had many imaginary friends to play with).

2. Adulting when you're only seven years old.

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Being the only child, you were often always in adult situations. You knew how to talk about the economy and presidential elections before you learned to write in cursive.

5. Your parents' friends know everything about you.

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Your 5th grade graduation tape was sent out to your parents’ entire friend group and your honor roll certificate was faxed to their entire address book (they were just so proud.)

11. Bunkbeds were nonexistent.

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Sure, you could’ve had one anyway, but who would be bottom bunk? Or top bunk? Who would you laugh with and share stories with at all hours of the night? It only works with two people (I swear I’m not bitter).

12. You usually made the choices for your family.

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With everything revolving around you, your parents catered to whatever restaurant you wanted to go to, whatever vacation you wanted to take, or whatever theme park you wanted to visit for your birthday. It was always your choice (which makes life much harder as an adult).

Happy National Only Child day to all the onlys out there - enjoy celebrating (alone).

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