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A Teenager's View On The New Age Of Technology

In our age of technology and social media, I believe that society needs a wake-up call. This is it.

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In the new age of technology, we tend to take life for granted. Wherever you walk, you will see people (no matter in a restaurant or just walking on the street) playing on their iPods, tapping away on their tablets, or texting all-day on their iPhones. It has gone so far that even 5 year-old children are able to navigate themselves on an iPad. As we become more social, we become less social.

To make more sense about this; as the years fly by, we communicate more on our touch screens and less face-to-face. I, being a teenager in this age, am guilty to falling into this digital trap sometimes.

We have become more conceited, posting selfies on Instagram and bragging about their day on Facebook. We have also been more consumed in other people's business, checking everyones tweets and viewing other's posts and photos. Even adults in their mid-40's or 50's own a smartphone or a tablet.

I believe that our generation needs a break from the gray cloud that stands in our faces known as technology. We need to create one day where everyone puts away their phones, turns off their cellphones, disable their devices, and enable their conciseness toward the real world.

You might be reading this idea and thinking that this might seem crazy; some people might even be scared. However, we need to tune out one day. If we don't soon, every event that society has missed out while glued to their things will explode in their faces. There is no driving back from the downhill road we have sped on. However, we can switch to a new lane for a bit. Or maybe I'm just crazy myself...

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