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    Posted on Dec 2, 2013

    22 Tips To Survive Your Office Holiday Party

    It's almost that time of year again. Stay classy!

    1. Show up! This is an opportunity to mingle with overly happy co-workers who will be high off the Christmas spirt.

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    2. So under no circumstances shall you sit and sulk in the corners.

    3. If anything, have some game apps ready on your phone in case conversation runs dry and you need something to break the ice.

    4. FEAST! The last thing you want to do is begin drinking on an empty stomach in front of these people.

    5. The consumption of alcohol is both allowed and heavily recommended.

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    If you don't do alcohol, carry around an ambiguous clear drink (ginger ale, seltzer, Sprite, etc.) so you aren't constantly ambushed by coworkers asking why you aren't drinking as much as they are.

    6. But remember: Always let someone else be drunker than you — take it slow.

    7. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle Opener)

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    They're always in high demand and seem to run low at these types of functions.

    8. Remember that shots are a bad idea 99% of the time. Proceed at your own discretion.

    9. Dancing is a yaaasss. Show off your bitchin' moves if you got 'em.

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    10. Although please refrain from "dropping it like it's hot" in front of your entire office.

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    11. Have a casual conversation with your boss and wish him or her a happy holiday.

    12. But DO NOT act a fool in their presence. Attempting to negotiate raises, promotions, and/or vacation days is strictly off limits.

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    13. If you're new to the job, get to know people you don't get to socialize with during the workday.

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    Also, people like to share when they're drunk; have your questions ready.

    14. Dress up for the occasion. Bust out those Christmas sweaters and keep it festive.

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    15. Just remember to also keep it appropriate.

    This is still a work environment.

    16. If you have someone special in your life, bring them along. This could be a great time to introduce them to your co-workers.

    17. If you've had your eye on someone in the office, this could be a good time to get your flirt on.

    18. But don't hook up in plain view. You don't want to be the talk of the office come Monday morning.

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    Yeah, keep the intense PDA for when you two are alone.

    19. Take total advantage of any and all adorable Christmasy photo ops.

    Nothing encourages colleague bonding faster than having some quality Instagrams together.

    20. But disclaimer: It ain't cool to take shame pics of people who disregarded these tips upon entering the party.

    21. No "complicated randoms" allowed. It'll only take away from your co-worker bonding time, and you don't want to take care of anyone tonight. Trust.

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    22. Lastly, make a graceful exit if you feel like it's time to call it a night.

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    Avoid falling asleep in the bathroom or passing out mid-party at all costs.

    Essentially, you want to find that perfect balance between letting loose and staying classy.

    Hold on to that balance for dear life.

    Because your goal is to walk out the same way you walked in: with your dignity intact. Happy office holiday partying!

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