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    23 Times Gael García Bernal And Diego Luna Were Adorable Together

    The friendship between these two is almost as beautiful as they are. Que viva!

    1. When they worked the red carpet with these cute little kids and hearts melted all over the world.

    2. And then this simultaneous "hey, what you looking at?" pose happened at the exact same time.

    3. When they wore complimenting blue suits and looked flawless, even when facing away from the camera.

    4. And when they stared into each other's eyes like this.

    5. When they kept it real casual and laid-back in L.A.

    6. And again when they looked into each other's eyes like this, because they do that quite A LOT.

    7. When they showed up matching on the red carpet in all black everything.

    8. When Diego gave Gael the ultimate "OMG, I love you sooooo much!" friendship squeeze.

    9. And then just hung out there for a sec because he didn't want to let go of his best friend.

    10. When they did the whole "jeans + suit jacket combo" together and looked fab.

    11. When they laughed and made funnies with honorary friend Christopher Ruiz-Eparsa.

    12. When Gael's eyes and Diego's hair made for the most beautiful photo of all time.

    13. When they crack each other up during interviews.

    14. And insist that the other take the lead on all the questions.

    15. When they clap IN SYNC.

    16. And that one time they looked extremely dashing with the same haircut, almost.

    17. Every single photo shoot they've ever participated in, because duh.

    18. Also, they've been friends since forever.

    19. And they've stayed friends throughout the various stages of their hair and wardrobe.

    20. Now they're pretty much the best dressed friends on the planet. Amirite?

    21. Because these smiles.

    22. Because these smiles x 1,000,000.

    23. And because they're working on a project to showcase their friendship and brotherhood to the world.

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    It's called Canana.

    Wow, much beautiful? Gael and Diego para siempre! <3