23 Snazzy Nail Ideas For Thanksgiving

Fall leaves, pies, and turkeys everywhere!

1. Googly Eyed Turkeys

Get inspired here.

2. Autumn Ombre

Check out the technique here.

3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Find out how to here.

4. It’s Pie Time

Get the details for this design here.

5. Glitz and Gobble

Grab the right colors here.

6. Turkey Drumsticks

See the breakdown here.

7. Turkey Feathers

Get the feathered look here.

8. Argyle Sweater

Check out more details here.

9. Fall Flowers

Peek at the tutorial here.

10. Trees and Turkeys

Take a look here.

11. Sweet November

Get the exact colors here.

12. Snoopy, Woodstock, and A Turkey

Take a look here.

13. Pumpkin Spice Sparkle

Watch the video here.

14. Orange Ya Glad We Had Turkey

Get a tutorial here.

15. Dreamy Dreamcatchers

Get inspired here.

16. Golden Ticket

Find out how to here.

17. Falling Foiliage

Get the look here.

18. Turkey A La Metallica

Check it out here.

19. Color Me Gold

Find out more here.

20. It’s Dinnertime

Get a closer look here.

21. After Dinner Comes Dessert

Get the exact colors here.

22. Cranberry Mood

Learn the technique here.

23. Pumpkin Candy Cane

Get the breakdown here.

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