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15 Snacks Every Brazilian Grew Up With

Passatempo anyone... Why can't I find these in America?

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1. Passatempo

Translation: Vanilla flavored sandwich cookies with chocolate filling and weird drawings on them, no seriously... they were usually of a monkey doing strange poses.

Why So Yummy: Because they're buttery and delicious and are filled with chocolate, duh. Plus, the chocolate actually tasted like chocolate... WIN.

Reminds You Of: Ripping open a package to see what kind of stickers came inside. Because oh yeah, sometimes they came with stickers.

2. Pipoca de Arroz

Translation: Rice popcorn a.k.a. popcorn that is rice a.k.a. if popcorn were made of rice.

Why So Yummy: It has a sweet tang to it, and it's a lot softer than regular popcorn which means less stuff gets stuck in your teeth.

Reminds You Of: Your stomach and eyes expanding to twice its size every time you saw this pink bag. They ALWAYS came in these pink bags.


3. Salgadinhos

Translation: Brazilian chips, before the Ruffles and Doritos and Cheetos started taking over.

Why So Yummy: Because when are chips never not yummy? They're corn based, salty, with just the right amount of grease... Need I say more?

Reminds You Of: The fact that you used to call them "salgadinhos" way before you called them chips.

4. Biscoito de Polvilho

Translation: Cassava flour cookies.

Why So Yummy: They're the lightest and airiest cookies you will ever bite into, and they kind of have a cheesy undertone. Once you pop, you will NEVER stop. Also, if they're homemade it's over... you really will won't stop.

Reminds You Of: Eating them for breakfast or snack time alongside a strong cup of coffee.

5. Todinho

Translation: The Brazilian version of Nesquick. Yup, it's just as concentrated and just as good.

Why So Yummy: It's pretty sweet, like abnormally sweet, like "someone just dumped two packets of Splenda into your chocolate milk" sweet. So, if you're a sweet tooth... SCORE.

Remind You Of: Just how delicious chocolate milk in a box can actually taste. Then, now, and forever.

6. Caixa de Bombom

Translation: Boxes of chocolate, so much chocolate, all different types of chocolate. *salivates*

Why So Yummy: Literally every type of chocolate you can think of has been thrown into this box and wrapped up for your pleasure. With coconut, and peanuts, and hazelnut... white chocolate, dark, and milk... CHOCOLATE FOREVER!

Reminds You Of: People always seem to bring you these when they come visit from Brazil. Box of chocolates = best present ever.

7. Biscoito Caseiro

Translation: Homemade cookies usually made with milk, condensed milk, butter, and other flavorings of your choice.

Why So Yummy: Probably because they're homemade. And probably because it's pretty much nothing but butter, and milk, and sugar, and butter... Also, butter.

Reminds You Of: A great aunt or other relative/friend who would make these for you and drop them off at your house in unmarked plastic bags.


8. Suco Mais

Translation: Minute Maid juice, but in Brazilian flavors like guava, passion fruit, and cashew.

Why So Yummy: Because it's so thick and soooo filled with sugar that it kind of tastes like a mini smoothie. Also, cashew juice will change your world. Trust.

Reminds You Of: How excited you got when they came out in juice box form!

9. Picolé de Frutas

Translation: Fruit popsicles.

Why So Yummy: Ice cream who? Nothing is more iconic and delicious than going to the beach and getting yourself a coconut or passion fruit popsicle on a scorching hot day.

Reminds You Of: The vendors on the beach who walk around with their white coolers shouting out "who wants a popsicle?"

10. Bis

Translation: Wafer cookies covered in milk, white, or dark chocolate.

Why So Yummy: Because they're tiny wafer cookies that are covered in chocolate, hello? They're also as light as air and as crisp as biting into an apple. No seriously, they even make the same sound... maybe.

Reminds You Of: Opening up a pack and not stopping until all 20 pieces are gone.

11. Bono

Translation: Brazilian Oreo's, kind of.

Why So Yummy: Like Oreo's, they come in all different flavors such as chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, etc. And who doesn't like anything remotely similar to an Oreo? That's right, no one.

Reminds You Of: Dunking them in milk, because of course you NEED to dunk them in milk.

12. Biscoito de Água e Sal

Translation: Brazil's answer to the saltine.

Why So Yummy: They're great with soups and pretty much anything because they literally taste like water and salt. Spread some butter on them, a little bit of jelly, and you're good to go.

Reminds You Of: How a simple saltine can go a long long way.

14. Amendoim Torrado

Translation: Toasted peanuts

Why So Yummy: Because you can eat them either salty or sweet. Once toasted just sprinkle a little sugar, or a little salt on top and you're all set.

Reminds You Of: Smelling their delicious odor from a mile a way, and trying to locate the tiny street cart they are most likely being sold out of.

15. Batata Palha

Translation: Little fried potato sticks.

Why So Yummy: Because they're potato chips in a slimmer stick version. Don't be fooled, their shape in no way takes away from their potato chip goodness.

Reminds You Of: Putting it on any and everything, just like ketchup. Batata palha on your hot dogs, batata palha on your stroganoff, batata palha on EVERYTHING.