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27 Things You Should Just Brave Up And Do Today

Let's do this!

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1. Be real, no pretending to enjoy something you actually can't stand.

Apatow Productions / Via

2. Plan on a ridiculous, impromptu high-school-style get-together with your friends tonight.

Revolution Studios / Via

3. Kiss that person you've been wanting to kiss since FOREVER.

NBC / Via

Just go for it!

4. Don't run from awkwardness, face it head on and just deal with what unfolds.

5. Let go of any and all pent up petty anger, if just for today.

Comedy Central / Via

6. If you're in a fight with somebody, be the bigger person and get to fixing.

Universal Studios / Via

7. Don't sugar coat, speak your mind.

Paramount Pictures / Via

8. Give that cute person you see at the coffee shop every morning your phone number, finally.

9. Get distracted at the office a bit, let those creative juices flow.

Comedy Central / Via

10. Indulge in some modest day drinking.

Fox Broadcasting Company / Via

11. Sign up for an internet dating service — come on, you've got to try it at least once.

It's about that time (obviously if you're happily in love, please ignore).
OkCupid / Via

It's about that time (obviously if you're happily in love, please ignore).

12. Start a new TV show. You might find that there is more to life than Breaking Bad.


There are others, you know?

13. Order something different on the menu today, you always go for that same old thing.

Cartoon Network / Via

14. Near a body of water? Two words: skinny dipping.

BBC Films / Via

15. Take four whole minutes to dance like nobody's watching, just get straight funky with it.

Fox Broadcasting Company / Via

16. Reveal yourself to your office crush.

It could end up working out!
NBC / Via

It could end up working out!

17. Undo the repeat setting on your iPod. You probably have 6,000 other songs you can listen to, so get to it.

18. Start planning your next vacation, right now.

19. Treat yourself to those designer somethings you've been eyeing for a while.

Like this diamond bra–fur jacket combo. / Via

Like this diamond bra–fur jacket combo.

20. Tell the haters they can suck it.

Bravo / Via

21. Spend zero minutes dwelling on the past today.

Keep it moving!

Keep it moving!

22. Act your shoe size, not your age.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

23. Take that risk that you've been contemplating for months.

24. Listen to your gut feeling, ALWAYS.

It's always something.

It's always something.

25. Shake off the little things.

26. And let go of all ambitions that you may have had to achieve perfection today...

27. Because thing is: Nobody's perfect. So just do you, be yourself, and have a great-ass day!

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