19 Simple Gestures That Might Be Highly Misunderstood Abroad

    Watch yourself!

    1. No playing "Heads Up 7-Up" in Thailand, Iran, Afghanistan, and Greece.

    2. Careful how you throw out your peace sign in the U.K. and Australia.

    3. Can't "talk to the hand" in Greece.

    4. You could get into bubble trouble in Singapore.

    5. It's definitely not "OK" in Brazil, Germany, and Turkey.

    6. Uncross your fingers in Vietnam.

    7. Don't touch the head in Thailand, Laos, and Sri Lanka.

    8. Forget the forearm jerk exists in France and Brazil.

    9. Don't even think about playing "I got your nose" in Turkey.

    10. Save the dog call for dogs in the Philippines.

    11. No closing your fist in Pakistan.

    12. It's better to have eleven than a dozen roses in Russia.

    13. Hold on tight and don't let go in Fiji.

    14. "Yes" means "no" and "no means "yes" in Bulgaria.

    15. Avoid the thresholds in Russia.

    16. Don't stare too hard in Japan.

    17. Don't "rock" or "roll" in Spain and Italy.

    18. You shall not shell in Chile.

    19. Use both hands in Japan.