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    Posted on Oct 4, 2013

    You Need To Be Aware Of These Ridiculously Hot Brazilian Brothers Right Now

    They can get it!

    These guys are exploding all over Brazilian television, stealing hearts and minds with their roles on this season's novelas. Fans are going crazy over their genetic handsomeness and perfect smiles. But really, can you blame them?

    Bruno Gissoni, 26, has been blessing us with his sexy smirk on his most recent television show Flor Do Caribe.

    Here he is romancing the crap out of this girl.

    Rede Globo / Via

    And looking flawless on this beautifully filtered beach.

    Rede Globo / Via

    Curling up next to his best friend, swoooon!

    Challenging us to a smile off, and winning, seriously.

    A little selfie action? Yes please!

    Rodrigo Simas, 22, is the middle hottie who just wrapped up a role on the popular series Malhacao. Also, he's single... just saying.

    Just leaning, and rocking out at it.

    Here he is with a gorgeous head of hair blowing in the wind.

    More puppies? Always!

    Here he is saying "bom dia" and looking deep into our souls.

    And these eyes... I CAN'T!!!

    Felipe Simas, 21, is the youngest of the three who just made his television debut alongside his oldest brother in Flor do Caribe. Expect to see more and more of him (thankfully) in the novelas to come.

    Hat tip to you sir.

    Here he is... WHOA!!!

    Rede Globo / Via

    The puppy pics never get old.

    Who doesn't love a man with pearly whites?

    And also, he plays the guitar so... (drops mic)!

    Here they are together all charming, and smiley, and heavenly.

    Oh. My. God.

    I DIE!!!

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