43 Reasons Why We Should All Be More Like Carlton Banks

    Let's face it, he has pretty much won at life!

    1. His happy dance is better than yours.

    2. I mean he started twerking waaaaay before any of us even knew what twerking was so...

    3. He takes dieting VERY seriously.

    4. Plus, dude works out.

    5. Also, his gym gear is always on point.

    6. And he knows how to put together a bitchin' Halloween costume.

    7. He's pretty much the reason why Bob Dylan wrote the song "Forever Young."

    8. And he knows that the key to a good life is to act your shoe size and not your age.

    9. Carlton settles for nothing and nobody.

    10. And he's always honest with you, no matter how much it hurts.

    11. He let's you know straight up what he thinks about you, no games.

    12. And he's not afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve.

    13. He's an A+ student.

    14. And he always shoots for the stars!

    15. I guess you could say he's a bit of dreamer.

    16. Meanwhile, his fashion sense is brilliant!

    17. Let's be real, his polos are to die for.

    18. And those pull over sweaters, though.

    19. Nothing gets by him; he's observant as fuck.

    20. He smiles with every fiber inside of his being.

    21. And his face palming skills are are out of this world.

    22. He's a cool cat, and his confidence level is off the charts.

    23. He knows how to compliment the ladies.

    24. But also knows when to pump the brakes.

    25. He's not scared of getting in touch with his feminine inside.

    26. He's mastered the art of checking himself before wrecking himself.

    27. And he's pretty damn good at cheering people up.

    28. He knows how to order pizza the right way.

    29. And he's the classiest of eaters.

    30. He's a total badass, always taking risks.

    31. But he doesn't hesitate to call for help when shit gets crazy.

    32. He speaks his mind, and stands up for what he believes in.

    33. He'll call you out on your shit too.

    34. Point being: he knows how to keep it REALLY real!

    35. Even so, he has a sensitive side.

    36. He's not afraid to get on his hands and knees to get the job done.

    37. He's a jokester and knows how to have a little fun.

    38. His facial expressions are unmatched by any other person living on this planet.

    39. He knows that any time is a good time to break out in a spontaneous medley.

    40. And he appreciates quality music.

    41. Also, the boy can dance!

    42. And he always does so as if nobody is watching.

    43. So if we learn one thing from Carlton Banks and one thing only, let it be that there's never an inappropriate time to "do the Carlton!"